Saturday, May 13, 2006

If you were 100 feet tall...

How would it change your life? Is there anything you would do that you cannot now?

First, I'd walk up to my neck in the ocean, and see how far out I am, just for fun. Then, I'd sign a lucrative NBA contract, and lead someone to the first undefeated season in history. I'd use the money from the NBA to buy a much bigger bed.

I remember my dad used to look 100 feet tall...I bet I do now to Thomas.

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Shari said...

It's a funny thing...
Everything seems so much bigger, time so much longer, shadows so much darker when you're a child.

I remember playing in the snow drifts as a child, digging tunnels through them. Seemed like so much snow and every drift a huge mountain.

But it wasn't. I was the small one.

I wonder from time to time now if I still have the size perception thing off. I'm 5 foot, which is obviously short, things still seem large to me, but I wonder how much is actual and how much is perception.