Thursday, June 29, 2006

Suggestion Box

Welcome to the 50th Post. Per my brother's suggestion, this is going to be the suggestion box. It's a good idea, since 50 posts is about the time you run out of things to talk about.

I'll permanently link this to the right under my profile and under Interesting Links. Drop off a suggestion any time it comes to you. And no suggesting where I should stick my blog.


- K - said...

hey there cutie... :P i suggest you put a shoutbox in you blog. So if ever you encountered a "worldless" visitor... they / we can just say " Hi " or " Just Blog Hopping " :)

Mocha said...

Can you serve iced coffees when I visit here? Then, I would be both caffeinated and entertained at the same time.


Carl Bryant said...

You know what would be interesting - and useful? An evaluation of different brands of alcoholic beverages based on hangover severity.

ie - drink too much pabst and report back... next day, make it robitussin. You get the idea.

Eagerly awaiting your much-needed contribution to this field of study,

Steve Kenul said...

Hey there Yankee fan, thanks for visitin gmy blog and thanks for all the votes. As a fan of the stripes, what would you like to see added to BronxBloggers?

TMLSB said...

man, your blog kicks ass. I just read a couple and was laughing out loud. And considering I'm at work and it's 6:45am and there's no one here but me, that's saying something.

I will not only be back but also will be adding you to my own pathetic blogroll.

Not that it's a roll of pathetic blogs. I meant that my blogroll is pathetic in that there aren't many blogs in it. I'm very choosy. And lazy.

thanks for writing.


the warrior said...


I would like to see your pictures. You write about your family but keep us in suspense. A visual world rocks for all the artists out there.

Dave said...

Ok... you are married now. you no longer need all the first date antecdotes about yourself and your friends.

tell people about how unlucky jamie is, or how lucky mcknights are. i still cant believe you ran into jay at a wendys.

tell people about the shittiest place in rochester... ill give you a himt, it is by the dinosaur BBQ

You have a lot of funny and amazing stories about your life... might as well tell people about them.


people love list. the top childrens books had a huge ammount of responses. so did the 'crappy bands' list. top books, top movies, top album covers, most important inventions, actors you would like to see die, best presidents, etc, etc, etc... would all be great. people read those, and all have strong opinions about what they love/hate, and will contribute, and become involved in your blog. they will keep coming back, to see how people responded to what they said.

and i also agree that you should put some pictures up of your family. especially of thomas, and you handsome little brother.

Nicole said...

sometime do the super hero quiz...
I put the link up and I got 80 comments..people seem to like doing quiz thingy's and lists.

If you do it and it is a hit, I'll give you the link for the evil bad guy quiz.
For the record, I was wonderwoman and my evil side was Poison Ivy!!

Janine said...

how Civil War Buffs rehearse: this is the scariest thing i have seen in a while.