Friday, June 30, 2006

Ain't too proud to beg-

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This post will make back-to-back lame ones, and I apologize for that. At least I'm compensating by offering up a hiliarious (and somewhat appropriate) cartoon.

Notice, if you will, beneath my site counter (which has doubled in the last week or two, thanks all) there is now a 'Donate' button. I've seen this on other blogs, and thought to myself, "What kind of jackass puts a donate button up on his freakin' blog?"

Well, I'm that kind of jackass, apparently.

I don't expect anyone to ever use it, but it's decorative and at least it offers you the choice. If I've ever made you laugh or told you a great story, and you feel like kicking me a couple bucks or even just a couple quarters, it would be appreciated. We're expecting baby #2 this December, so I personally guarantee that if you do decide to give, it's going directly to Gerber and Pampers.

It's a necessary evil to inform readers about changes to the site. Yesterday was the suggestion box. Today was an utterly shameless solicitation to make sure my lights stay on as I feed another mouth. I'll post something entertaining tomorrow.

DAILY FEEL GOOD: I really don't understand come compulsive behavior. This really couldn't wait until he got home? I mean, at BARE MINIMUM, wouldn't you just pull over?


Nicole said...

Benny, good to hear you ain't shootin blanks!

the warrior said...

Ben this is so over the edge as I sit here and shake my head from side to side, laughing, in disbelief. As long as you are not going to turn around and give it to a church, well this might have some merit, but it does piss of alot of readers. I know this not from my own experience, but from several blogs whose bloggers were doing cart wheels (hey I have not done one in years)to try and correct their greedy monatery ways for the sake of readership.

Laughing with my boots off,

the warrior said...

Nicloe brings up a good point too...Too much and I thank you for a Friday laugh. I needed it. Secretly I am making fun of you and this I enjoy.


Ben said...

The laughs are certainly always free, and I would never want anyone to send anything my way unless they really want me (well, my children anyway) to have it.

NOTE TO READERS: Being pissed is lame. This post is the last time I ask for anything, and I'm not really asking. I'm making you aware it exists. Content will always be free at this site as long as I'm writing it.

Nicole: I could sneeze on my wife and she'd get pregnant. My sperm are freakin' commandos. I wish I were kidding. My wife wasn't supposed to have kids at all, according to doctors, and now she is cranking out #2.

Nicole said...

Ben, I want you to know that I was not making fun of you, just being playful because that is the relationship we have with each other.
And really GOOD for you and your wife that you are such a stud.
I will be happy for you when baby # 2 comes along and I will happily send something for both kids when the time comes, but I also expect to be informed at least by email before you post on the blog!!!
Ps. who gives a fuck if any readers on here don't like anything. Like you said on Catwoman, they DON'T have to come back for more. We { me and you} don't always agree and that is what makes life interesting.
Have a great weekend, control yourself with that potent YOU KNOW WHAT!!!!