Tuesday, May 16, 2006


You read that correctly. We need a baby name. We've picked out a girl's name, but are again struggling to come up with a male counterpart (therefore removing all doubt about what the sex of our next addition will be).

You can leave first names, middle names, first and middle names, whatever. As long as it sounds good with McKnight, and preferably something that goes nicely with his/her brother's name, Thomas. Have at it!

Here is our list so far...(inspired by a poorly drawn cartoon based on the subject line in a piece of spam mail)

In other news, I think I'll start adding a Daily Feel-Good to the end of my posts. This will be a link to something funny I stumble on over the course of the day.

Today is a toss-up between a Netherlands Zoo that kept bears and monkeys in the same caged area (you can draw your own inferences on how well that went over), and a possible Darwin Award Candidate, if he had actually done us the great service of killing himself.


ijc said...

I think Matthew is nice :-) In my opinion it goes wonderfull with Thomas :-)

ijc said...

Hmmm Matthew is the same as Matthias. Most of the german names exist in english too, but the pronunciation is different... Andrew would be Andreas for example... I think a typical "German name for a boy" doesn't really exist, except maybe Karl, Franz or Heinz (I'd never name my son Heinz!)
More and more German people like names like Steve, Dustin and so on.
So I can't really help out with a cool boy name :-)
I think Heinz wouldn't fit with McKnight ;-)
Lets see what I can do about the "English-thing"...

the warrior said...

I am leaning toward a Dillon Travis MCknight. You have the potential for one hell of a rock star or star period for that matter or he could always be a poet...And the name is long enough that during testing time in school he will be one of the cool kids that does not know what to do when he runs out of room to fill in the full name circles. Trust me, I never had that problem and wanted it.

Jen said...

I can't help think of Heinz Ward. Maybe it's this Pittsburg football thing wearing off. Dustin reminds me of Doyle. Karl Marx, Franz Ferdinan, Steve...."Hey, skidmark Steve!"
Maybe I should stop playing word association and think of something legitimate.

erica said...

I have no freaking clue. Let me just vomit some names for you:


I popped on one of those baby name sites and found THIS one: Cassivellaunus

Please don't name him that; I just wanted to share the amusement with you.

Also: Clustfeinad

Stay out of the Celtic section.

Ben said...

Jen, I believe you mean "Hines" Ward, not Heinz (ketchup). Hey! Kechup! Now THERE'S A NAME! Ketchup Mustard McKnight--I kinda like the ring to that! Think Deb will go for it? We could call him "French Fry" when he's little...what a great nickname~

Gigi said...

I've always loved the name Joel. According to my parents, I was going to be a Joel if I was a boy.

Phillip also carries a lot of strength.

As for your girl name, you should switch it to Gretel. Now, that's a name! Wink, wink.

Jennifer said...

Hmm... I like Trey McKnight. Not sure what would go in the middle. Oooh, or Trent McKnight. And those would go well with Thomas, since they're "T" names & all.

Jen said...

See, Pittsburgh is really wearing off of me. I can combine two Pittsburgh favorites into one name without thinking about it. I like Evan and Joel. How about Owen?

Anonymous said...

Logan Travis....

serendipity said...

I agree with Erica -

I think Sebastian is a great name.
Sebastian McKnight has a nice ring to it.

MD said...

The link is hysterical. "Last Longer."

Matthias is good.

We've picked Oliver.

A couple we know chose Tobin. That would go well with Thomas as well.

I say, "Steer clear of the soccer names." We both know what its like to have a name that so many other kids our age have.

JoBiv said...

Yay Spamusement!

I was thinking along the lines of the first talkies, when everyone was named Rexford and Stanhope. Or you could go Dickensian and try for McGooden Nice McKnight. Or Nefarious McKnight. Ooh... that has a nice ring to it!

Dave said...

I kinda think premature ejaculation has a nice ring to it... you should just go with that...

but if not, i agree that Owen and Joel are solid choices as for names.

i loathe the name travis.

ever consider having a boy named sue? that would kick ass.

the german names got me thinking kurt, which got me thinking vonnegut, which made me think of kilgore. could be an interesting middle name, paying hommage to one of the freatest american novelist. or you could give him the same middle name as harry s truman. "S" was his middle name.

ever consider jamie, raymond, or lee? i think all are strong names, and have some personal relevence in your life.

but i really think Premature Ejaculation McKnight has a nice ring to it, and shouldnt be thrown out of the running, just because it was in a spam.