Friday, July 21, 2006

Sense of Entitlement

Alright, I know my county was just deemed "most expensive county in the country."

In case you haven't guessed it by my style and writing, I'm pretty poor. Go on, stereotype me, it's really ok. That said, nothing could prepare me for what happened on my way back to work today. I'm beginning to understand the idea behind road rage.

I stopped at a red light a few blocks from work. Across the street, there was a woman in a Mercedes signaling a left-hand turn. In other parts of the world, actually, in every part of the world, I would have the right of way, since I was not turning.

The light turned green, and I moved towards the middle of the intersection. This bitch turns left right in front of me, and STOPS, to be sure I see her, SHAKING HER FUCKING DECREPIT OLD FINGER AT ME LIKE I DID SOMETHING WRONG.

"Yeah, lady, I'M the asshole."

I wanted to rip the arm of the chastising finger right out of her socket and beat her with it. If I weren't driving a brand new car, I would have plowed right into the side of her car, knowing good goddamn well that the cops would explain to her that she is at fault, and she also a fucking idiot.

Why is it the people with the most money feel like the rest of the world owes them something?


Hothousemomma said...

thanks for stopping by. I Was talking about you! ha

Hothousemomma said...

no boob comments please.... :-)
Although it doesnt seem like a family blog-it is! Thanks for the respect!

Shaman Dandulla said...

“Why is it the people with the most money feel like the rest of the world owes them something?” because of the stick that they’ve permanetly got tup their A£*%…

thanks for stopping by.

I love your blog’s intro!

yellowdog granny said...

maybe she was just telling you 'your number one'in your county...
huh huh

Peety said...

That is a good question..

Money, money , money...

Thanks for the visit and comment..

Wishing you a wonderful week-end.

Ellie said...

AIIIIIII. It makes me glad I don't drive.

Jaek said...

We have a State Highway that makes a left turn to go into town. at that intersection, the traffic from the other way has a stop sign. At least once a month, some jackass tries to pull out in front of me while I am turning left. Then we start that bullshit car dance of not knowing whose going to actually go. moveBRAKE! moveBRAKE! Get out of the intersection and go to driving school!

Sorry. I'm with you, brother.

Anonymous said...

I make a point to honk at people in expensive cars if they:

1. Don't signal their turns.
2. Don't go when the light turns green within 1.5 seconds.
3. Are on their cell phone whilst driving.
4. Give me a dirty look.
5. Give me a look, period.

Sometimes I'll even mouth the word 'piece of shit' so they can see what I think of them...and their cars.

In the end, I win.

Vinnie G. said...

I am so right there with you. . .if I did not need my car or my neck aligned like it is there would be many a Mercedes or BMW with my little ghetto car stuck right up their butts.

TMLSB said...

don't get me started on people taking liberties in their cars assuming I'm too scared to hurt mine, the arrogant fuckers.

I'll tell you this, Ben whatever your last name is. You've motivated me to issue a statement via the greatest statement-issuing tool i have that isn't a handgun and hostages in a home depot, and that is my blog.

It'll be up shortly.

p.s. great writing man. you're killing me. oh, and do you like how I seldom if ever capitalize? That's gotta drive a writer / work in publishing guy batshit...dudn't it?