Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sundays this Fall: Brothers & Sisters

This series is dedicated to new shows coming this fall. Unlike the series on my drinking stories (which didn't generate much interest), I'll cover a show a day for the next month.

Brothers & Sisters

When: Sunday, 10:00 PM EST
Who: Calista Flockhart, Sally Field, Balthazar Getty, Rachel Griffiths
Where: ABC

You know that friend or co-worker who whines all the time about how everything in their life is too hard? That's this shows plot. So if you find yourself wanting to punch those people in the face in real life, you probably won't enjoy the series.

Basically, the patriarch of the family suddenly dies and the family has to pick up the pieces. They juggle taking over the family business, help their grieving mother, deal with sibling rivalry, and juggle personal life with family success. In the words of Billy Bob Thorton, "that's a great fuckin' story, kid." Fascinating.

The talent:

I had a buddy that was into Ally McBeal. I still don't know why. Maybe *anorexia is a turn on to him. Flockhart is joined by Sally Field, who hasn't made anything anyone has cared about since Forrest Gump. Balthazar Getty was a foreign name to be. I never got into Alias, but it's popular among trusted friends. I doubt he can save a show, especially since he signed on after the show was on the way down. You might know Rachel Griffiths from Six Feet Under. I don't.

Projected Watchability Rating:

Women: 4 out of 10
Men: 1 out of 10

Projected Longevity of the Show:

It's better off than "The Game," but it still has to compete with football. That said, there is no denying Flockhart has drawing power. I'll give it two seasons.

*This **guarantees this site is in no way implying that Calysta Flockhart is anorexic or suffers from any form of eating disorder.

**Worthless, without value, not a guarantee.


Ellie said...

i'm looking forward to Heros

SUE said...

Rachel Griffiths was Brenda in Six Feet Under, sister to Billy (one of my all-time favorite TV crazies). Anyway, the plot to this sounds like a terrible, un-funny rehash of Arrested Development.

Zander said...

This series is a bit depressing as I'm living in Australia, where for some reason the only new shows they decided to bring over in a timely manner last season were "Commander-in-Chief" and "The Ghost Whisperer". Not that it sounds like there were any better new shows offered up anyway...

Ben said...

Oh...Zander....That's f'ing awful. C-in-C was one of the worst pieces of crap to hit television. They were trying to prepare us for hilary.

The Ghost Whisperer would be *awesome* if Jennifer Love Hewitt would act topless the whole time. Is it just me, or do her tits look smaller now?

Anyway, there's good stuff coming this fall. I just don't want to blow my load early.

Shaman Dandulla said...

they actually do look smaller ben...

yellowdog granny said...

sally field did a great stint of guest shots on er and she was terrific..she did some goofy judge show with a guy that makes my nickers roll up, craig beirko...but lasted like 3 show..
i want to feed clasista flockass what ever her name is..a ham sandwich..with chips and a malted...and ghost whisperer is only interesting to teenage boys who want to look at her tits...*gag..
but this one is iffy to me..although i would watch it for sally..

Dramedy Girl said...

I'm not sure I'm going to like B&S even though I like Getty. There's somethign about this show that's off for me.