Friday, December 22, 2006

Who Wants to be

an Idiot on National Television?

The show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" has safety measures to make sure a moron doesn't get on the show. Every now and then, those measures fail. Today was that day.

The $100 question, the very first question, was:

"Because it is a staple in almost every diet, this food is often referred to as 'the staff of life.'"

A) Mayonnaise
B) Bread
C) Tomato Paste
D) Hot Pockets

Now, I'd never heard the correct answer referred to as the Staff of Life. But let's walk through this:

1) Mayonnaise is not a dietary staple.
2) Hot Pockets are also clearly out.

She had to ask the audience, who, against my wishes, correctly pointed her to bread. It's worth noting that later on this feeble-minded yet portly woman correctly answered a question about McDonald's Big Mac Special Sauce.


Nic said...

Hey, have a Merry Christmas, and best wishes from Canada.

Congrats on the safe arrival of # 2

Zander said...

Haha that is fantastic. I actually didn't know that show was still on the air.

SUE said...

Wow. Just wow. Have you watched that new craptacular game show Identity yet? The first 4-5 rounds will make this woman look like brain surgeon material. They seriously had a guy dressed like a sumo wrestler down to the thong and bun and asked the contestant to guess who, out of the 12 people on stage, was in fact a sumo wrestler. It's a brilliant exercise in stereotyping at the least. Happy Holidays and congrats on the new arrival!