Tuesday, January 16, 2007

iTunes Help

So, for Christmas, I got an iPod. I was never sure about this technology, but in a world of convenience, it has certainly caught on.

I could never see myself paying money for downloaded songs. I still can't. I wouldn't use it at all if I couldn't burn my CDs on to the iPod. Man, though, these things hold a ton of songs. I have the smallest one, and I haven't filled it yet (although I haven't really tried).

iTunes offers a free song every Tuesday, which usually sucks. So I need your help. Since I'm new to this 3 year old technology, I need you guys to tell me where I can find all the free stuff for this thing. Links to free iTunes, tricks of the trade, whatever. Eventually, my cheap ass won't have better things to spend my money on (e.g., children), but until then, I need all the freebies I can get.

In other news, I've decided I need to include more graphics on this site. I'll include a related picture from now on. Except today. Mostly because I don't have a picture of my iPod, or any iPod for that matter. Rock on, Mary Prankster (who will make her way to my iPod shortly).


justin said...

If you want to go illegal, go with bitorrents. Download a program like Bitlord, then visit sites like mininova.org or torrentspy.com. Here you will find vast amounts of music and whatever other kinds of copyrighted material that you would want to steal. Happy pirating.

Jeremy said...

While I am no fan of MySpace as almost all of the pages look like ass, many, many bands have a few of their songs available for download off their sites, legal 'n' everything, if that's a concern.

And good call on the graphics - breaks up pages nicely.

Anonymous said...

These 2 sites allow you to download free mp3's with no sign-up necessary: