Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Odds of Winning

Usually, I leave the topic of religion out of my posts. For the most part, I respect all religions, believe in God, but not the church. God is a one on one relationship as far as I'm concerned, but if you've found something that works for you, go for it (so long as it doesn't involve harassing me).

All that said, I'm glad something like this has finally happened. While I'm sorry for the family of the lost love one, it's about time someone took on the irresponsible leaders of organized religion. While the odds of them winning the case are probably not good, hopefully it will make leaders think about the consequences of their leadership. If you have unwaivering faith and you're absolutely certain a higher power told you something, you should be willing to accept the blessings or consequences without blinking.

In related news, my buddy Pat Robertson is at it again. I wonder if I can sue him for unnecessary duress if he's wrong. If you need me, I'll be exploring my legal options.

*Author's note: When making comments, please be respectful to the beliefs of others. Comments offensive to any particular religious group will be deleted when they are discovered. Thank you for your cooperation.


God said...

As an omniscient, omnipotent anthropomorphic deity, sometimes I like to amuse myself by talking to yahoos like Pat and make Delphic statements.

By "Delphic", of course, I mean technically correct, but that he'll completely misinterpret.

BTW, Ben, "you're going to have an interesting year". (heh heh!)

Ben said...

Dear god,

I have an interesting year every year. What I'd really like is a boring year. I'd like a year when no one gives me any crap, when no one I know dies, and when everyone in my dead pool dies.

Speaking of fantasy leagues, thank you for allowing me to mercilessly thwart all my opposition in most of my fantasy football money leagues this year.