Friday, February 02, 2007

Blog Maintenance

Big changes are coming soon. While this is layout is more interesting than the first one I had, I'm still not satisfied with the set up. Aesthetically, I'm pretty demanding.

Changes include:
  1. Blog roll will only consist of blogs.
  2. Links that are not blogs (i.e. the Onion) will be in moved to a separate section.
  3. A new section will be created for all post labels, so you can easily see related topics.
Anyway, is there anything this blog does not currently offer that you would like to see offered in the future?

Also, as you may or may not have noticed, I posted my first sponsored posts. They'll always be labeled as such at the top of the entry and in the labels section. I'd like some feedback on them. I know they aren't as compelling as my usual writing, but I also want to make sure they don't detract from the site. Are they easily ignored if you aren't interested? Are they annoying?

I'm going to be posting more than once a day as well. This is partly due to sponsorship. I don't want a sponsored post to be the first thing you ever see when you come to this page. It's also because I've suddenly got a lot to talk about, and I hate long blog entries. You'll never see one as long as the one you're reading again.

Finally, I put a Suggestion Box in my profile (quite some time ago). It's remained fairly unused, which is disappointing. Should I dump it?

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