Monday, February 05, 2007

How long did I last?

A week without blogging about TV? Not exactly 2008 as predicted. Anyway, rather than blog about it every day, I'm just going to do weekly updates. That way if you want to avoid it, you can. Sort of like the sponsored posts. Anyway, here's the quick hit highlights. I'll get more in depth when I actually think about it next week.

1) I *really* wanted to talk about House this week. It was the worst....episode....ever.
2) Heroes sucks.
3) Studio 60 isn't overrated. It's just slow. With too many love triangles. I can see how it's all coming together though.
4) Bones was awesome. It did have a couple poopy parts, but it was the best thing I saw this week.
5) Thursday night has two solid hours of entertainment without changing the channel. Earl, the Office, Scrubs, and 30 Rock. S-O-L-I-D. I was wrong about 30 Rock. Baldwin was made for TV, Fey is an awesome writer, and Tracy Morgan is insane.

At 11:00 every night, I like to watch the South Park reruns. I didn't fully appreciate this show at first, so I'm playing catch up. As of tonight, I have a new favorite episode. Tonight's show explained the mockery of our democratic system. Stan had to vote for a new school mascot, and his only choice was between a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwich. It was sorta how I felt when Kerry was running against Bush.


Vlad said...

Thanks for your interest. I hope my blog has been informative!

Ben said...

Ladies and gentleman, the Giant Douche. Still no word from the turd sandwich.

Actually, vlad's blog is interesting. This, however, is dwarfed by his ability to be a giant douche, and pass opinion off as "research" and "fact."

Interesting? Yes. Informative? No. Great fictional accounts? Yes.

Vlad said...

Calm down, Ben. Thad still loves you. Take care of yourself and thanks again for being awesome. You are indeed a champ! Also, I corrected my little typo, just for you. Excellent eyes.