Thursday, March 01, 2007

Effective Advertising

Reagan's war on drugs was one of the worst miscalculations in the history of the anti-drug crusades. The money was a waste, and the anti-drug commercials that came out of the 80s were laughable then, and the subject of parody now. is changing that. Every ad I've seen from them has been a home run in my book. They don't specifically try to target children, which is smart. It has made all the ads more universal as a result. This one is running now, and I think its my favorite so far:

Any of you have favorite advertisements that you feel are particularly effective? Send me a you tube link and I'll put it up below.


Jen said...

Would those be the "This is your brain on drugs" fried egg commercials?

Paul said...

That's really, really effective.

And catchy.