Friday, March 02, 2007

Lunar Eclipse Tomorrow

For geeks like me, this is pretty cool. It hasn't happened in a few years, but we get to double down this year. Once tomorrow, starting at 3:18 PM EST, and once again in August.

The full Lunar Eclipse will happen at 5:44. We expect reasonable weather here tomorrow, so I should have photographs for those of you in Alaska, Eastern Australia, and New Zealand that won't get to see it.

The moon won't rise here until after the eclipse has started, but I'll try to get shots of it from the time it is visible until the eclipse is over.

If I missed anything, you can read about it here. God, I'm such a loser sometimes...


Jennifer said...

Eclipses rock. If you're a loser, that makes me one, too! :^)

People in the Sun said...

I never got it... I remember the solar eclipse in '99 and that was amazing even though I got only ninety-something percent. The sky turned gray, it got cold, and birds were going crazy.

But lunar eclipses never did anything for me. Obviously, I still may be a loser anyway.