Thursday, June 07, 2007


Wouldn't ya know, some asshole has discovered my credit card number and ran up a bill. I wish chickenshit thieves would limit the people they rob to those with money. Like I have time to deal with this crap, raise two kids (who now must wait a couple days for formula--thanks, prick), AND start a new business.

If anyone can get a hold of a surveillance tape at Macy's in Mason, OH from yesterday at 1:25 PM, I'd be real interested in seeing it...and suspending my pacifist beliefs for a few hours while I work the guy over.


Nicole said...

Sorry to hear.

Hope Karma comes around with a vengence.

So, how's tricks? How goes the Biz?
Hope all is well with your little guys and the Missus too.
Football season is a-starting for moi..picked up the season tickets this past Sunday.
Do drop in when you get a spare moment [(LOL)]..have 2 threads going on about public breastfeeding and Dr. Kevorkian.
always interested in your input :)


the warrior said...


What the hell is with this world? You should be able to see the tape directly from Macy's as long as you filed a report. They have a trillion cameras, similar to all the angles I am sure you saw regarding the unfortunate young lady in Overland Park, Ks. Target had all that footage that hopefully will lead to justice, WHICH I am sure once you calm down, you are hoping for too.

Try to stay a little sane and play the lottery. You might just find some good luck to go with your misfortunes. I never doubt the yin and yang...

Keep me posted on an outcome and how you are doing in general. Once again it has been awhile.

It's got to get better from here bro. You have worked blood, sweat and tears and soon it will all pay off.


Philip. said...

Some bastard spent £1200 on mine by hacking into my ebay account.

Luckily I go tit all back!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I know how you feel...found out I had a Home loan that I never a applied for.