Monday, November 26, 2007

So it's been a while...

Where to start? Thanksgiving was exhausting. Fun, but exhausting.

Those of you who know me (providing anyone still visits this blog. Sitemeter swears I still get 7 hits a day, but that just can't be true) know the new shows are one of my favorite things to critique. There's a pattern, though, that's become clear. Here are the highlights:

  1. Every year, I try to get excited about Prison Break. Every year, I lose interest in under 5 episodes. This season, I watched ever episode. Despite being uninterested. For some reason, I felt obligated to stomach my way through it.
  2. Every year, I get really excited about 5 or 6 new shows. Every year, I realize I was horribly wrong about 3 of those shows, and 2 more are awesome, but the American public is too stupid to see their brilliance and they get canceled. Basically, I adopt 1 new show per year.
  3. So this year, here's what my Tivo looked like--new shows only. K-Ville, Bionic Woman, Carpoolers, Chuck, Reaper, Pushing Daisies.
I'm pleased to report I was only horribly wrong about 2 shows this year. K-Ville and Bionic Woman were duds. I love Anthony Anderson, but it was hard to take a show about Post-Katrina New Orleans Vice seriously when there were only a couple of cajun accents on the show, and they were poorly executed. I finally gave up on it two weeks ago (and replaced with Samantha Who? The jury is still out, but i've been mildly entertained so far, which is a good sign for coming in half way into the season).

Bionic woman was just dumb. I had high hopes, but the eye-candy isn't great, the acting is poor, and the writing is stupid.

Carpoolers is on my brilliant but to be canceled list. It's written and produced by Bruce McCullough, formerly of Kids in the Hall. Needless to say, it's hilarious. Needless to say, the humor flies right over the head of the average American viewer. Hopefully it's caught on in Canada.

Chuck and Reaper aren't outstanding, but they are funny and catchy. I think they'll stick around. Both have the elements of a franchise show.

Pushing Daisies is the best new show this year. If you like Tim Burton (which is probably 1% of the viewing audience), you'll love this show. Long story short is it's a very clever love story. The pie-maker has the ability to bring the dead back to life, but if he touches the same person again they die, and this time forever. If he does not touch them again, someone in the vicinity dies in their place. He brings his childhood sweetheart back to life, and they fall in love, but can never touch. Neat, eh? Bout time someone came up with an original Romeo and Juliet idea....oh, wait.

Finally, my business is now open. The website is Be a gem and link it to your blog, will ya?


Ole Blue The Heretic said...

You watch TV? What is that?

Persico said...

Again, I agree with your opinions.

Pushing Daisies, excellent and magical.

Chuck and Reaper, eh, okay, catchy and easy to watch.

I was also bummed about Bionic Woman. What the hell was up with the intro? Hey, I'm awesome and like to dance behind frosted glass. Boom. What the hell?

And Prison Break... I still watch it hoping that it'll become as awesome as the first season was. Jam packed with amazing characters, beautifully written... and now, seriously? Yeah, let's still drag this out.

(Also, congrats on the new business, that's awesome dude!)