Saturday, August 30, 2008

Undecided Voters

The people who have made up their minds already, as Yogi Berra would so delicately put it, have made up their minds. You either believe the lies about either candidate or you don't, and no amount of irrefutable evidence will change your mind. It's just the way humans are built. For those of you who want to make up your minds, but don't know who to believe, this website is for you:

"But Ben, based on your previous posts, you're clearly a left-wing, communist, pinko, tree-huggin' hippie. How do I know that the above website isn't full of more of your crap?"

Well, you could do the logical thing and read up about their neutrality when it comes to these matters (unlikely...) or I could just casually mention that Dick Cheney (my arch-nemesis) touted them (albeit incorrectly) during the VP Debate of the last election.

They break down all of the major lies, truths, and advertisements from each candidate. It has made sorting through the dregs a lot easier.


Ellie said...

i am there yo!

Dave said...

i got to

very user friendly layout, and well researched