Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Another Palin Slam

The scariest part came at the end of the clip. I knew the odds for her becoming president if McCain were elected is higher than many presidents. But I hadn't really thought of the actual odds yet. This man claims they are 1:5. That's 20%. That, my friends, is an incredibly scary gamble. Sub-prime lenders wouldn't touch it.

If someone told me I'd blog about Katie Couric more than once this year, I'd call them an idiot. Yet here she is again, making it into my column. I'd like to preface what I'm about to say with an anecdote.

My friend turned me on to a movie by HBO called Small Town Ecstacy. They originally set out to do a documentary about the ecstacy subculture. What they ended up finding was this guy in the middle of a mid-life crisis. They turned the entire movie into the documentation of this man's downward spiral and how the drug compounded the disaster that became his life. The best way to describe the movie is that every time you find yourself thinking, "this can't get worse," it does. Every time. The same seems to be holding true for the Couric interview.

Unbelievably, there is one more segment to be aired. Unbelievably, it's more disturbing than the first two. There's no crazy, convoluted answer this time. When asked to discuss another Supreme Court case she disagrees with besides Roe V. Wade, she just sits in silence.

I can hear the crickets chirping on SNL now...


Always Sunni in Philadelphia said...

9 vice presidents have taken over for the president (4 assassination, 4 natural, and nixon) out of 43 total

that is somewhere between 20%-25%

throw in the fact that mccain is old, had skin cancer a couple times (and lives in arizona, and went through a point in his life where his body was endured significant torture (7% of his life he spent being tortured)

i was shocked that the republican's nominated him (although romney was really screwed by thompson not dropping out before SC, and guilianni staying in through flordia... or was it huckabee that was screwed?)

anyway, statistically speaking, about 23% of younger, healthier (except maybe taft) presidents have died or resigned in office

Dave said...

oh, and kudos to anyone who can name the 4 who died natuarally without looking it up.