Monday, September 15, 2008

A Grain of Salt

Take this video with a grain of salt. Sounds to me like a couple of Obama supporting Doctors trying to raise a non-issue with McCain. Why am I posting it you ask? Mostly, I'm curious if it's a non-issue with others, or if it should be a bigger deal than it is.

This is a demand for McCain to release his medical records. If you're like me, you probably think he already has. This video claims they were released...for 3 a room with a few select journalists...who weren't allowed to make phone calls, copies, emails, or possess electronic devices of any kind. If that last sentence is true (and you can bet your ass I'm going to do some research), than suddenly I'm a lot more curious about McCain's medical history than I was 10 minutes ago.

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Dave said...

It is true that he only let a few select journalist view his records for a short time, with no notebooks, or anything of the like...

the topic takes me back to season 3 of the west wing... the anger of everyone who didnt know about Bartlett's ailment. i would feel the same way if mccain actively hid a sickness.

i am also reminded of the late reagan years, and how his excuse for iran-contra was that he slept through the meetings. dude, wtf

mccain owes us an alzheimer's test. his records should be out in the open.

why is it so important? 9 of our 43 presidents have either died or resigned, making the VP take over (kudos to anyone who can do it off the top of their heads... specifically our 12th pres). with such debacles as john tyler and millard fillmore's presidencies, or the fact that a veep who took power was the guy who made the decision to drop the bomb, health is a fairly major issue for me.

especially since his veep pick is a fluff candidate, who was chosen out of best interest of the party, and not the country.

in all fairness, obama could have terminal cancer at this point, and still get my vote (especially since biden was my guy since last november). but i would be pissed off if he hid it from us until november 5th.

i wish the media would ask more for full disclosure. Hillary ended the story about back taxes, and i think she could have saved herself a lot of grief by doing so sooner.