Sunday, September 28, 2008

Paul Newman

Rest In Peace, Paul.

I'm a few days late because I had a wedding to attend--I still haven't seen the debate in it's entirety (although I've heard the whole thing). Anyway, I wanted to share something *I* never new about Paul Newman.

When he came out with his salad dressings (and later many more things in a food empire), I thought it was just a way to pay the bills and make a little money in his golden years, when the majority of his acting gigs were behind him. I learned, the day after his death, he never made a dime from his food business. He contributed every last cent to over 1000 charities around the world. The final contribution amount?


I was blown away by that number, given from a single man. And I hope he's not done yet--I hope he made sure it reads in his last will and testament that his share of the sales continue to go into the charities of his choice. I've decided from now on I'll buy Newman's products.


Dave said...

I knew that his products all went to charity... oddly enough, i was talking to mom about his integrity friday evening. but as far as the actual number of dollars contributed, i had absolutely no idea. when i first heard it was 250,000,000, goosebumps errupted all over my body.

top 5 newman movies

the hudsucker proxie
the sting
butch cassidy & the sundance kid
cool hand luke
Slap Shot
nobody's fool

I know i snubbed some great films (including one he won an oscar for) but im already over 5. eat your heart out, steve mcqueen

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I knew he gave to Charity but not that much over the years. Wow.