Monday, September 29, 2008

Stunt or Not?

Some people said it was heroic (albeit a small percentage of you) for John McCain to "Suspend his Campaign, for the good of the country." Others, (correctly, in this blogger's humble opinion) called it a stunt to distract the media from his free-falling poll numbers, lobbyist campaign managers on the take from Freddie Mac, and a series of VP interviews that, at best, were painful to watch.

So here it is...the moment of truth. Ready for some straight talk folks? The House has shot down the bailout. By all accounts, if McCain isn't playing political games, he needs to suspend his campaign immediately and return to Washington, DC until he demonstrates some real brass and pulls this thing together.

Two things:

1) Pretty sure it was a stunt, and he's unlikely to repeat it.
2) If he did do that, and pull it off, he's suddenly have a chance at getting my vote.

For those of you who still believe it was an act of leadership and heroism, my advice to you is "don't hold your breath."

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