Sunday, September 21, 2008

Taxes Explained

Some genius at Country Club First came up with this handy, dandy tax graph to show you EXACTLY what each candidate plans on doing to your tax bracket. Know your annual income? See what each candidate will do for your bottom line:

A friend once mentioned that as a small business owner, her boss felt he had to vote for McCain. He's assuming two things:

1) McCain can fix the economy--that, not taxes, is crushing small businesses (like mine).

2) His small business nets over 600,000 annually.

Just think of all the people McCain is helping. I wonder what those people who make under $19k are going to do with their $19....


Ellie said...

looks like my income bracket .. I stand to gain.

what the american people really need to look at right now is economy. Our dollar is plummeting...who is going to save it? Barack, or McCain?

Who is going to provide equal rights the best...that's a no brainer, Barack

Who is going to treat our troops better. I don't doubt that Barack feels immensly for our troops, but given his past experience, I feel McCain could better understand them. And tactically, since we are in this war mess...McCain is the best to bring them home without further destruction of foriegn people. I hope that the US continues to help rebuild Iraq.

Fuel and Energy...who the F*** knows...all of it sounds like horse shit to me.

my mind is spinning.

Ben said...

1) McCain readily admits he knows nothing about the economy. He just restated that it was fundamentally sound, only to retract it hours later.

2)Equal rights. Correct.

3) McCain fought Jim Webb's bill to expand benefits for our Veterans. He felt it was too much (like we could give those guys enough).

4) McCain's war experience is from 30 years ago. I don't think it applies to todays strategies. I, for one, am much more aligned with negotiators.

5)Fuel and Energy. See that Stephen Colbert video from a few posts ago. Both of their plans are horseshit. THe only people who can do anything about the energy dependence are the American People and the auto industry. Hummers should be outlawed, inefficient vehicles should have a tax on them, and hybrids should be standard, not optional. Next, we need to drive less, and build our mass transit system outside of select cities.

It will continue to spin until November the 4th, at which point you'll second guess your vote until you decide it was a bad idea, or until whoever you choose does something you really like.

Ellie said...

don't be so sure of who I am voting for Ben...

I am soooooooooooo undecided....

I would like some research pertaining to how Obama paid for college though. Some news articles are coming forth with some rather interesting items.

Ben said...

I'm not sure who you're voting for. I take you at your word that you are truly undecided, and I understand you've leaned heavily republican in the past. I'm very glad that you're researching both candidates heavily (and seem to be using non-biased sites to do so for the most part, which is important).

You know my information is going to be biased, usually, unless I cite or, but I readily offer the disclaimer.

It's my understanding that Obama took student loans to pay for his education. He only paid them off recently after his best selling autobiography gave him positive net worth.

He owns one car, and it's a hybrid. Gotta love that new attack ad vs. McCain.