Monday, September 15, 2008

Very Scary, Indeed

For those of you who don't know what a PUMA Democrat is, I'd like to introduce you to River Daughter. I hope she stops by here sometime, but I understand if that's unlikely. I was less than kind in my comment on her blog, but perhaps we can have a lucid conversation over here without the clutter of all her comments.

And a lot of comments she has. I think I hoped the PUMAs would relax after the convention, but it seems to have made them worse. I think I'm still confused on the core values of a PUMA (utter than an apparent and irreconcilable hatred for Barack Obama). I really hope they're just confused republicans. I hear a lot of "John McCain isn't so bad." Or "John McCain works well with democrats." That only used to be true, and it doesn't change the fact that he subscribes to Republican core values. There's a reason he isn't an independent or a democrat.

Anyway, I'm going to invite River Daughter here to share some of her views, and hopefully shed some light on this (in my opinion) disastrous movement. Give the republicans credit where it's due--the one thing they do better than democrats is unify, even when they don't want to, for the good of the party.

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Kevin K. said...

Ben, you could have stopped reading after the first sentence:

I’ve been in touch with various PUMAs lately and I’ve been told that the media pays attention to our various blog posts.

Now go to Google News and plug in "puma*". Even bloggers who used to mock them in posts have moved on. They're totally irrelevant and don't let their comment totals confuse you ... their numbers are small (their gross exaggerations about their membership totals have been shot down time and time again). Their comment sections are nothing more than clunky chat sessions. While I think arguments that they were all Republicans prior to the convention were incorrect (they were mostly comprised of piss-poor Democrats), they've now been fully infiltrated by wingnuts posing as PUMAs. I'm all for that. The more the McCain camp erroneously thinks they can pull in the female Dem vote and uses resources in that effort, the more it plays to our favor. Let them howl and whine all they want. They're boxed into the smallest and most awkward (feminists for Palin!) pity party on the web and what little political capital they had before the convention has completely evaporated.