Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Shows Continue to Return

Pushing Daisies came back last night. Off to a bad start. I'll give them a pass because they are setting up season 2. I fully expect things to get better.

Chuck is the same old chuck, which is a good thing.

Heroes continues to be meh for me. They haven't lost me yet, but it'll head that way if it doesnt upgrade.

I haven't watched Prison Break yet this week. That's usually a signal that it's the beginning of the end for me. It sunk to the bottom of my priorities.

I fell asleep during Bones last night. Also a bad sign.

House continues to kick ass. It's officially back from the dead. This show absolutely jumped the shark with me, and has now defied death.

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Awesome.

As for new shows, I think they might have canceled Do Not Disturb already. That didn't take long. Make way for Scrubs! (I think DND was ABC....).

Fringe is trying to advance the plot. Bad idea. Getting stupid, very fast.

Thank god for DVRs and fast forwarding through commercials. I'd never squeeze all this in from 8PM to 10 PM without it.

Speaking of Television, tonight is Debate Night. Keep the mute button ready for when it gets too painful to listen to (and I think I mean that from both candidates. Biden isn't exactly "gaffe free.")

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Dave said...

hey, im burying this post in an "anything but recent" post, b/c it is far from G-rated, but my friend and i were talking about the onion news team, and i remembered this one, and looked it up... you'll like it, i swear