Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Wish List

My friends yell at me because i have the worst memory on earth. They would periodically ask me what I wanted for Christmas, and I could never remember anything I wanted. So my new years resolution is to keep this list up to day and email it to them whenever they ask.

1) Into The Wild Green Yonder, Movie, Futurama
2) Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician, book by Daniel Wallace
3) Gift certificates to Best Buy or Borders/Barnes & Noble
4) Surprise me, like my friend Ray Christmas 2008, with something related to my favorite books, authors, or hobbies. (Photography, Maurice Sendak, Douglas Adams, Futurama, etc--ask for more).
5) A shirt that says I #%@& on the first date. Jack Black wore it in Tropic Thunder and I found it hilarious.
6) Nikon D300 Camera Body. If I have 100 friends, and you all kick in $17, this can be a reality.


Dave said...

omg, you'll love this

yellowdog granny said...

howdy ya been?