Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

For a guy who isn't superstitious, it's been a pretty shitty day. I'm not at liberty to divulge the dirty details, but let's just say it wasn't good.

Fortunately, there was plenty in the news to cheer me up. I don't just have one daily "feel good" for you, today I have three:

Disturbing AND Impressive

You're never too young to be a homophobe

Tell me again why you would share this with a co-worker?

In unrelated news, I continue to perform blog maintenance, repairing dead links and YouTube videos. I'm searching all of my comments for former friends to see if they are still active (very few of them are). Basically, it looks like I've more or less got to start from scratch. I've got the blogroll started again, that's a start. This weekend I'm going to try and reorganize all the post Labels into something more coherent and searchable.

If you stop by, be sure to say hello so I know all my efforts aren't for naught at this point.


Sarah McK said...

Sorry you had a shitty day. Hope tomorrow is better.

David said...

Attila the Mom said...

Oh geez. My day is certainly better after reading about the prosthetic penis! LOL