Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Childhood Heroes and Heroines

Although I'm sure many of you would prefer a report to the contrary, lately, while laying in bed with my wife, we've talked a great deal about the Greatest American Hero. Not 'who is the Greatest American Hero ever,' mind you, but the cheesy 80s television show. Anyway, it got me thinking.

Who are some of your childhood heroes and heroines? Television has gone straight into the crapper, so my top 10 stems mostly from older shows. Not to mention I was weird as a kid, so my list probably looks only a little like that of a normal one. Here goes:

10. GI Joe--pick your favorite character, but this is a staple in every 4th grade boy's life.

9. Hanley--AKA the Greatest American Hero. This doofus could make any kid giggle.

8. Mighty Mouse--A good one--every smallish kid would trade his GI Joe collection for this mouse's strength and courage.

7. Super Chicken--BokaBokaBoka Bokaaabaaaaa!

6. Optimus Prime--Perhaps this one could be in the top 5. I'll let you decide.

5. Dr. Who--just an awesome show. I still wish I could time travel in a phone booth.

4. Bugs Bunny--this rabbit OWNS Elmer Fudd.

3. ALL of the Ghostbusters. I'd bet good money that 90% of ever guy who reads this blog and was born in the 70s was one for Halloween at some point.

2. Hulk Hogan--you show me a 10 year old in 1987, I'll show you a Hulkamaniac.

1. I think this sums it up:

"I pity the fool who doesn't think I was the greatest!"

I'm sure I missed plenty. I hope you all let me know who I overlooked. Other honorable mentions:

Michael Knight, of Knight Rider
George Jefferson/white alter-ego Archie Bunker
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Bull Shannon, Night Court
Ralph Kramden (there is just something funny about the concept of knocking ANYONE 'to the moon.'
Balki Bartokomous
Cousin Larry
Andy Kaufman
Wonder Woman
Ok, she wasn't a heroine (of mine), just hot.

Finally, Bart Simpson, Peter Griffin, and Bender. The last two are a stretch because I was no longer a child when they came around. They would have been heroes though...


Jake said...

Dr. Who - good call. Of course, we're talking about the fourth Doctor...

Hannibal was pretty top-notch, too.

I don't know, there were a couple of kids about a year or two older than me who I really looked up to - they were my "practical heroes". Ah, the coolness of the popular eight-year-old.

Dave said...

2 things, really, and i think they are important enough for me to actually write a response.

first off, Dr. who was off of the BBC... kinda discredits the whole "american" thing

and secondly, Al Bundy. top 5 on anyones list

Ben said...

My younger brother apparently still struggles with reading. The title of the post is Childhood Heroes and Heroines, not Childhood American Heroes and Heroines. The Greatest American Hero was solely the inspiration for the topic.

That said, he's got a valid point. Al Bundy belongs there somewhere.

Tillerman said...

Francis Chichester - great sailor.

Jay said...

Maybe this can be considered a local thing, but groing up in upstate New York, Jim Kelly. The man led the Bills to four straight Super Bowl appearances during my teenage years.

Honorable mentions include Voltron, the Thundercats, and Magnum P.I.

John Z said...

Mighty Mouse is cool, but Danger Mouse is my favorite rodent hero.

Robert said...

If we’re talking about childhood heroes who are fictional characters I have to add a few. Tanner Boyle from the Bad News Bears; he cursed and threw things at the Yankees. I still do both to this day. I would also add the Karate Kid (I know his real name but it is superfluous), Spiderman and Batman.