Thursday, April 27, 2006


Before I delve too far into today's topic...

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Television is usually awful. We're usually subjected to the same recycled dreg like Survivor, The War at Home, According to Jim, CSI, ER, OC, and any other number of repeat material that may or may not be in the form of a new acronym. This time, I welcome comments on the 5 best and 5 worst shows in recent memory. First, the best:

5. The West Wing--Lost steam after Sorkin left. Fell flat after Spencer died.

4. House, M.D. Much more entertaining than ER, and somehow very different than Scrubs. It hasn't been around long enough to be a 'greatest of the last 5-10 years,' but it is an up and comer to keep an eye on. If you think it's too recent for this list, switch it out for Chappelle's Show (a first-ballot hall-of-famer).

3. Futurama This show deserved better. Thankfully, Futurama the Movie is due out in 2007. Maybe that will spark the hate-mail campaign aimed at Fox when Family Guy went off the air.

2. Family Guy As stated in the aforementioned paragraph, it's back on the air after a brief hiatus. The movie was pretty funny too.

1. The Simpsons All hail the king. In their 18th season, no cartoon show, and maybe no other television program (that I can remember) has lasted this long. The movie is also due in 2007, which, to me, signals they are about to jump the shark. It was a great run.

Honorable Mentions: Judging Amy, Bones, My Name is Earl, 24
Omitted: HBO-esque Syndications like the Sopranos.

"Tweeners": These can be shows that aren't great, but it was a nice new idea (Deal or No Deal). Also, these are shows that started well, then made a very wrong turn (Malcolm in the Middle, Who Wants to be a Millionaire).

Again, this isn't intended to be an 'all-time' list. Just programs from the last five years or so (the Simpsons are still airing new episodes, so they're allowed). Again, clue me in to what I've missed in any of the categories.


Ben said...

I want to mention one more thing. It was a coincidence that the top 3 were cartoons. I can't help it if they have the best writers. It also makes me fully appreciate the genius that is Matt Groening.

Jay said...

As far as new shows go, Lost is in a class of its own. There is actually a group of people in my office that get together to talk about the show every Thursday morning. I also have the TIVO set to record every eppisode of Scrubs, The Unit, and Las Vegas. The last one is kind of cheesy and predictable, I know, but still fun to watch. For those of you that were fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of Wanted, a TNT original series, during its short run, consider yourself lucky. That show, like Futurama, deserved so much better.

Ben said...

Maybe I should dedicate a post to Shows that deserved better. I was going to do the 'bottom 5' today, but Jay makes a valid point. There were many great shows that got screwed because the audience 'didn't get it' or they were in a wretched time slot (i.e. Freaks and Geeks--the ONLY good production I've ever seen that took place in a high school).