Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Maiden Voyage

Ok, so I'm a little late getting into the game. This is my first shot a blogging, mostly because I didn't think anyone would care what I was rambling about. I mean, *I* barely care what I'm rambling about...

So as I embark on this adventure, and figure out what all the commands do, you're welcome to snicker, giggle, laugh, or just watch quietly from the corner. I'm going to talk about a variety of things in my life--I promise that some will interest you, and others you won't remotely care about.

I'll talk about football, my family, my recent move to New England, books, movies, television, and music--there'll be lots of talk of music. For those who don't know me, I'm a music snob. I prefer local acts to national ones, and I don't shy away from calling 98% of all bands what they really are: shitty.

Feel free to participate in the conversation. I welcome comments, even if you're only posting to tell me I'm wrong (I'm not).


Hear The Ocean said...

I think that this is a wonderful idea Ben. You've already been missed here in PA quite a bit, so this will be a great interface to hear what's going on in your life and what bands you think are awful. I only hope that you don't pick on the bands I'm in. Cheers to your maiden voyage! -Ken K.

Jen said...

Keep us posted on the happenings in Boston: the kid, the ocean, and everything. I'm glad you caved in and became a conformist to blogging. Congrats!