Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Batman Begins

So I finally got around to seeing this movie. I have to admit, when I saw the previews, I was preparing myself for it to be pretty crappy. My friend Rob, who has my complete faith as a movie critic, told me my fears were misguided, and that the film was amazing.

The film was everything I thought it would be.

So from what I hear, the movie is very true to the comic book. If that is the case, I cannot imagine why anyone ever read the comic book. The background information in the beginning took a little over an hour. That didn't leave much time for any, you know, movie. Then you had Christian Bale's crappy acting. The action scenes were ok, and he did drive a badass car. It also had about the worst ending I could imagine.

One of the highlights was Michael Caine. I forgot how much I enjoyed him. I went to www.imdb.com to see what his latest project is and got some more bad news:

Untitled Batman Begins Sequel (2008) (pre-production) .... Alfred Pennyworth

That means I'm going to have to deal with more Christian Bale. Or, I could just not see it. I need to listen to my instincts. In this next one, it looks like Batman battles the Joker. That means some no-talent ass-clown is going to try to do a better job than Jack Nicholson.

Here's my Batman user-friendly ratings guide:

Batman (1989) --------------- 3 Stars
Batman Returns (1992)-------- 3.5 Stars
Batman Forever (1995)-------- 2.5 Stars
Batman & Robin (1997)-------- 1 Star
Batman Begins (2005)--------- 1.5 Stars

They're leaving out Katie Holmes's crazy ass for the sequel to the prequel, so it has a good chance to hit that elusive 1.75-2 Star mark. I can't wait.

And now, today's Feel Good.


serendipity said...

Oh that movie sucked!!!!!

Robert said...

I know, I know...I won't convince you on this one. I just have to say that you left out Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson and Tom Wilkinson who all did fine jobs in this movie. I will grant you that Christian Bale's performance was lacking while in the Batman costume but he did a good job as Bruce Wayne. I would also say that the point of this Batman story was more about Bruce Wayne than Batman. If you want to read the best Batman stories you have to go to Frank Miller or Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale. I promise you won't be disappointed with them (with the exception of the most recent Frank Miller series, avoid it).

Ben said...

Robert, that's actually a pretty good point. Unfortunately, that makes the movie even worse for me. Yeah, Bale played the Bruce part pretty well, but his background managed to feel both inadequate, rushed, and too long, all at the same time for me.

I was also bothered by the fact that the Joker wasn't the guy who killed his parents. That sorta screwed things up for me. It would have been cool if they dubbed in Jack's voice dropping the line "Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light?"

Probably not true to the comics, but there are more members of the paying public than comic book readers. If I didn't see this for free, I would have been upset.

Anonymous said...

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