Monday, May 22, 2006


Everyone has someone from their past that they think about every once and again. We've lost touch with these people over time. They've faded to the backgrounds of our minds, silhouettes on the backdrop of our thoughts.

Each one of these people has a story to tell. They have a life that they've lived without us. They've met interesting people, gone to glorious places, and they've done incredible things. Who are some of your silhouettes?

  • Justin MacArthur
  • Masa Ikezawa
  • Chandra Durling
  • Jake Durling
  • Stacy Durling
  • Gil Bruennhoeffer
  • Damien
  • F. Jamie Eckel
  • Blake Davis
  • Josh Mays

I wish I could browse the library of civilization and read the stories they created. I wonder how many lists I'm on, or if they'll ever find me...

Your daily (gasoline related) Feel Goods:

What are friends for?

I really wish this would happen here.


Tillerman said...

I was at college with some kid called Charley Windsor who used to act the fool in revues and play polo. I wonder whatever happened to him?

the warrior said...

I met a character named Don Garrison who loved to travel and I always was able to keep track of where he was through his parents. When I lost touch, his parents always knew where I could find him and I would here from him in a day or two. So, when I came to Texas I called his parents who live (d) in Mesquite only to learn their phone number is now a fax machine and i never sent a fax, I lost the number and have no idea where Don is...

As you grow older seperation becomes more apparent and the list grows even longer I am a thinking.

Dave said...

I havent thought about justin McArthur for years... i remember one time we were playing monopoly, and he owed me money, so i told him to cough it up.... little did i know that he was gooing to crumple up the money, half swallow it, and then spit it up in my lap... i have a feeling that by the time we die, we will know exactly what his story is... there is no way someone like that goes though life unnoticed.

Anonymous said...

Omigod, that Gas price malfunction happened in Indiana! Why the hell was I not notified????

Anonymous said...

of course when you list names people will find it at the odd times that they google their names

-jamie eckel
f45one at yahoo dot com