Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Narrative

Dear all,

Despite the title of my blog, the last three posts are true. First, I should mention that Deb and unborn child are both fine. She's in a fair amount of discomfort most of the time, but the doctors have advised her to take tylenol and try not worry. We're about out of the first trimester, which some of you may know is as close to being home-free as you can get.

In hindsight, I really should have put a disclaimer in the comments of the first post. I'm very sorry if I worried any of you. I received a number of calls and emails of concern. Those who contacted me usually got a prompt reply assuring them all was well (sorry Jay).

I elected to tell this story this way because first, I thought it was compelling. I still think I'm right about that, judging by the responses I got directly, not via comment. Second, I since most of the writing I do these days is medical, I wanted to get a bit of practice in on the narrative side. Although I felt the last segment was rushed (mostly just to assure everyone that Deb was fine), I'm very pleased with the first two parts.

Mostly, I'm just pleased Deb and our next installment in the McKnight legacy are fine. Though I made you wait 3 days for the full story, rest assured that was nothing compared to the 3-hour eternity Deb and I endured in the ER.

Thanks again to those who included us in their thoughts and prayers, who contacted us, and those who did not. They were all needed and welcomed, and in this instance, prayers were answered. I'll get back to the happy-go-lucky posts for a while now.


Erica said...

If you weren't an eight hour drive away I'd come over and SMACK you for making me worry. I hadn't checked your blog since the weekend, and I see all this stuff about Deb being in the ER, and I went "huh??"

But I'm glad things are relatively fine. Give Deb a hug from me & Val. Mazel tov!

Cate said...

First of all, yes, the writing was very compelling. Taking a break from narrative doesn't seem to have impaired you at all. And, having taken a loved one to the ER, I agree that every hour is an eternity (though I can't imagine your panic that late at night).

I'm so, so glad that you and Deb are both (as erica noted, relatively) okay. Your family is in my prayers--I'm sorry to hear that Deb is still in pain, but happy that there's a little one on the way. Give her and Thomas hugs from me. Best wishes!