Monday, May 01, 2006

NFL Draft Complete

This week, after some thorough research, I'll post Draft Grades. For right now, I can only give you a couple heroes and goats. Let's start with Buffalo.

I've got some bad news for Bills fans. This year's draft made snagging JP Losman look genius. I'm really not sure what the hell they were thinking. Many suspect Marv Levy hired a drunken monkey to throw darts at a wall with pictures of random players in college ball on it. I suspect Marv is that drunken monkey.

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Perhaps the best draft award goes to Arizona or New England. Arizona has put the pieces in place to have one of the most prolific offenses of the NFL for the immediate future. They snagged Leinart (for about $40 million less than he would have had if he came out last year...dumbass) in the 1st round, a blocker for Edge in the second, and Leonard Pope, one of the best TEs in the draft, in the 3rd. Now add in the two Pro-Bowl WRs they already had. Ouch.

New England snagged the 2nd best RB in the draft, followed by the best WR in the draft. That takes care of aging Dillon, and departed Givens. Their only real reach was a kicker nobody has ever heard of in the 4th, but Billick has proven many times he knows how to draft. That takes care of Vinatieri's departure.


Jay said...

The Bills first two picks were definitely reaches. Their first round pick probably could have been had at their second, and their second pick was a projected third or fourth rounder. But after that, they made up some ground. I can't beleive you overlooked the biggest goat of the draft, the Chicago Bears. In one of your previous posts, you wished that our teams wouldn't take who you hoped the Bears would take. I don't know who you were thinking about, or at what position he would be taken, but I can assume you were not holding out hope for Danieal Manning out of Abilene Christian, at pick 42. I guess after going 11-5 last year, and playing in one of the weakest divisions in football, the Bears felt they could take the year off. My Bucs on the other hand, who finished with that same 11-5 record, recognize that they play in THE toughest division in football. While the Bucs are being dogged for their first two picks, they addressed a need. Sure, all five of their linemen played all 16 games together last year, but what good is a healthy line if they suck. So the Bucs got themselves the best guard in the draft, and a top 5 tackle. The top 5 biggest winners of the draft are, Arizona, New England, Philly, Jets, and Saints.

Ben said...

The Bears didn't draft some players I hoped they would that were available, that's for sure. But by no means did they have a bad draft. Manning is projected as a potential pro-bowler with incredible talent, but very raw. He'll also shore up a secondary that Steve Smith not only exposed, he abused. Devon Hester is necessary to return kicks, and could help in the secondary eventually. Jerry Azumah retired, so they were thin.
After that, the Bears did *very* well. The DT they took was projected as a top 15 talent before he had off the field problems with violence and alcohol (for which he has since been treated). LB was a need because they could lose Briggs and/or Hillenmeyer next year. Then they got a GREAT sleeper in Mark Anderson:
This was the guy that OWNED D'Brickashaw Furgeson at the senior bowl. Runnels will start at FB as a rookie, and I have no Clue who Tyler Reed is. That said, we really needed another TE and WR. Chad Jackson was available, Leonard Pope was available for a couple rounds. We had the 2nd ranked D, and the 29th ranked O. I think we coulda used another weapon or two on offense. Overall, I give them B- or C+. 79 out of 100, we'll say.

Ben said...

More good news...the Bears just inked Tim Day. He was on most boards as a top 10 TE, which still means pretty good in such a deep class. Most had him as good as Byrd or Pope, but a change in the offensive system in college made him less productive. If that jackass can learn how to block, we're in business.