Friday, June 16, 2006

Some Catholics have no sense of humor.

As many of you know, for a time I enjoyed moonlighting over at this catholic's blog. She's a pretty good writer, and most of the time, I just like to read it. However, when the Da Vinci Fiasco got rolling, I started behaving, well, like me. I picked a fight because I like to argue.

After the tomfoolery died down, I went back to behaving. Until I tried being funny. Those of you who know me understand when I try to be funny with strangers, it usually has a tragic ending.

So I guess the Catholic host was asked repeatedly at a conference if she was a nun. She went on a rant about what nuns should or actually look like, and posted her picture to demonstrate what they *do not* look like. You can see it on her blog, which I linked above. Having been to Catholic school, I am somewhat of an expert on "nunning it up."

Being funny, I threw this comment out there:

I dunno...I think it's the glasses. They look like glasses a nun would wear. Not that all nuns wear glasses, but those who do generally own a pair that look like those. Welcome back, by the way. Your writing has been missed.

Aaron Traas, apparently, is still a little bitter about discussions involving the Da Vinci Code. He replied:


No offense, but are you really that dumb, or just pretending?

Aaron, Aaron, Aaron...Didn't you're mother ever teach you to *NEVER POKE THE BEAR?*

The author seemed to get my jest, why didn't he? There can only be two possible conclusions. I highlighted them in the following response:

I think it's safe to say you absolutely meant that to be offensive. I mean, when you see a retarded kid do something retarded, you don't walk up to him and say, 'hey, are you retarded or something?' No. You don't. Why? Because you know it's offensive.

So Aaron, my question for you is, are you really so stupid that you had to ask that question, or do you just not have any sense of humor whatsoever?

Hint: It has to be one or the other. Take your pick.


Jay said...

Any time a sentence starts with "no offense," someone is about to get offended.

Carolyn said...

I think she ABSOLUTELY looks like a nun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Just found your blog through Jennifer W.(K). It's scary, I'm beginning to think you're my 'brother from another mother' or something. We've got some goofy stuff in common:

- Quoting Futurama, especially Farnsworth lines.
- Enjoying the 'Youth in Revolt' series.
- Causing havoc on webblogs.
- Douglas Adams.
- Views on religion.
- Sirius radio listeners.

Anyway, not to freak you out, but I'll have to add you to my list o' blogs. I especially liked your post about watching cartoon bears wipe their ass while you're eating.


Saffyre said...

I actually enjoyed the Da Vinci Code...and the arguement that took place on the Confessionators blog was highly typical of the media arguement that has taken place over it.

So what if it's fiction?
Who cares if it's true?

It's a good book, lots of people enjoyed it for just what it was supposed to be and nothing more.

Personally, I prefer the idea that Jesus was a mere mortal who had the power to influence so many people in such a positive way, rather than the idea that he was the product of an immaculate conception.

Anonymous said...

Happpy Father's Day, Ben!

The Confessionator said...

Jesus is not a product of the Immaculate Conception. That event refers to Mary's conception, actually. The fact that he is without sin is just kind of obviuos, because he's God made flesh.

The Confessionator said...

well, actually, Jesus IS a product of the Immaculate Conception, however the term "Immaculate Conception" refers to the person of Mary and not his own conception.

Ben said...

No religious debates on my board. All beliefs are welcome here and not subject to debate.

Thanks anon!

The Confessionator said...

I wasn't debating anything, but merely stating the truth about what Catholics believe. You don't have to agree with me, however if a person says that Catholics believe something (that Jesus was "an immaculate conception") that they don't actually believe, I'm going to correct them.

There is no religion that believes Jesus is "an immaculate conception." That title is only given to Mary.

Ben said...

Sighs...I don't want to get too far into the logistics here, but I never was good at shutting up.

She said Jesus was the product of the immaculate conception (which happened in Mary). She is correct. Jesus is the product of the immaculate conception in any christian faith. Immaculate being without the assistance of Joseph, conception being with child, and Jesus being the product (child) of that conception.

Which, I believe, you said yourself in the very next post. Since Sapphyre was correct to begin with, there is no need to correct her.

Again, what you believe is most welcome here, so long as those beliefs are kept to yourself. I'm sure if any of my readers are interested in catholicism, they will certainly contact you as a point of reference via email or on your board (as I have in the past).