Monday, June 19, 2006

Summer Movies

For some reason, Summer is movie season. This never made much sense to me, since it's the last months on earth I want to be inside. That said, what the hell is going on this Summer? Aside from Nacho Libre, I've got little interest in anything playing. Hell, I'm not even outrageously excited about Jack Black's latest. I'll see it, but it isn't anything I felt compelled to watch on Opening Night. Am I missing something? Is there something I should be more excited about? Here's a quick list to the dreck we've been subjected to so far:

  • Cars
  • Nacho Libre
  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
  • The Lake House
  • The Break-up
  • Garfield II (oh, come on...)
  • X-Men III
  • The Omen
  • The Da Vinci Code
  • Over the Hedge
  • Prairie Home Companion
  • An Inconvenient Truth

Like that isn't bad enough, here's what we get to 'look forward to:'
  • Click
  • Superman Returns
  • Strangers with Candy
  • Pirates of the Caribbean II
  • You, Me, and Dupree
  • Clerks II
  • Miami Freakin' Vice
  • The Ant Bully

The good news: Just announced, Bubba Nosferatu, starring Bruce Campbell. Nice.

More good news: I just found a Holiday that I would like to lend my full support to. Sorry I missed it this year, but you can bet your ass I'm circling March 14th, 2007 on my calendar right now.


Nicole said...

Took my God-daughter { aged 4and a half} to see Cars and she LOVED it. Actually, I thought it was pretty darn good for a kids show. Being my kids are pretty much teenagers now, I have been subjected to alot worse over the years.

Ps. Ben, can't wait for Pirates # 2, cuz I do love the Depp!!!

Shari said...

Strangers With Candy and A Prairie Home Companion should be excellent.

Ben said...

I like Depp too, but it just feels like he is whoring right now because he knows it will make money. He's famous for only doing things he wants to do, and not caring about the money. I wonder if he'll still have his integrity after this one.

Cars is supposed to be decent, but more like Warner Brothers and less like the Pixar we have come to know and love.

Never was a strangers with candy fan. I imagine the movie would annoy me just as much (or more) as the show did.

Prairie Home Companion I'll probably see because I love Garrison Keillor. If anything can save it, it's his ability to tell a story. That said, I'm probably waiting for netflix to send it.

The only thing I've subjected myself to so far is Da Vinci, and it was sufficiently 'blah.' Next up, Nacho Libre, followed by the disaster that will be Clerks II. Damn you, Kevin Smith. Daaaamn you....[shakes fist in the air]

Nicole said...

I heard that Pirates 2 and 3 were filmed at the same time, back to back. Depp loves quirky characters, and Jack Sparrow is that.
Sometimes you just gotta go and be entertained.
Cars was good, in a couple of years your little boy will love it.
Yesterday for Father's Day {we had 3 days of rain all weekend long} we ended up going to see RV { Robin Williams}. Definitely a renter, but it had it's moments {few}
Kevin needs to repent after Jersey Girl!!!

Nicole said...

Just thought of one that I have to mention. can't wait for The Lady in the Water! M. Night Shamaylan {however you spell him}. I am a huge fan of his, and Bryce Howard, who he cast as the lead in the Village, plays the lead in the Lady. I eagerly anticipate it. Yesterday's previews showed a clip for one called the House. Definitely not for 6 and under. It is animated about a haunted house. It comes out July, and I think they are missing the boat, and should bring it out in Sept. as Fall and Halloween will be in the air. I am assuming that the moneymakers are hoping to cash in on school kids on summer vacation.
I will take my daughter to that one for sure!

Jennifer said...

Thumbs down for Over the Hedge? Damn. I thought it'd be good. Oh, well. At least it's got some Ben Folds on the soundtrack.

WickedlyMe said...

I was just talking to a friend about this exact topic tonight. We both came to the conclusion that they don't make movies like they did in the 80's & 90's, even before that.

I've lost interest in the movie experience. I much rather find something better to waste my money on that will be worth it. They really need to make movies like they use to. I just get easily disappointed with movies today.

DJ Shovelpants said...

Am I the only one who thought 'Pirates of the Carribean' was as enjoyable as a sack of wet garbage?

Also, I can't help but think Clerks 2 is going to stink like a homeless man's ass in July. I really think ol' Kevin Smith peaked at the original Clerks. Everything else has been a downward spiral for the dude.