Thursday, June 22, 2006

A subject long past due: Beers

I stumbled on a post about Arrogant Bastard Ale recently and I realized I haven't posted about the drink of the gods yet. Most of you know I love beer. I'm guessing only a few of you know how much I love beer. My friend Kenny hasn't been posting lately. Maybe this will call him out of retirement.

So here it is, Ben's top 7 Greatest Beers Ever. Why 7, you ask? Why not, I say!

7) Labatt's Ice

When you just want a quasi-non-import, Labatt's is the way to go.

6) Molson XXX

Slightly stronger, same taste. It's never too soon for a Molsoon!

5) Sam Adams

A little bitter, but oh, so good.

4) Honey Brown Lager

My hometown brew, and delicious.

3) Guinness

It's like a meal in a glass.

2) Troegenator Double Bock

This beer can almost kick your ass like no other...but there can be only one.

1) Arrogant Bastard Ale

I'm pretty sure there was some divine intervention when brewing this beer. It could only come from the hand of God. Before you buy a case yourself, please read their disclaimer:


Jen said...

Troegs has some really good beers. I'm not a huge fan- they're a little too hoppy for my taste, but I can still appreciate them. My favorite is a rugged trail ale. However I know several people that love Trogenator; and I hear the winter oatmeal stout is very good too.
At least Harrisburg has one good thing- a nice brewery. Check out their website-
On the "about us" section, they have a pic...kinda looks like the Johns from TMBG. Ironically, one of them IS named John.

Nicole said...

Might have to pick up some ABA for Tbone Fridays!!!

Ben said...

You mean 2x TBone Fridays. Except only one is a steak.

Nicole said...

Sometimes it is 2x, and sometimes there is NO steak!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've never tried any of these beers. I have never really liked beer to begin with. I'm told it's an acquired taste. :) I still haven't acquired it!

Zander said...

Not to sound like a total snob (you know where this is going) but I literally can't stomach American beers. When I lived in NY I usually drank vodka or scotch, and ended the night on a Heineken or Stella. And now I have discovered the awesomeness of Aussie beers. No one here drinks Foster's (that stuff is disgusting) but Carlton Draught and Toohey's New are pretty damn good.

Besides, if you've seen this (and you're a sucker for marketing, like myself) you know what I'm talking about:

Robert said...

Domestic corporate beer (i.e. Coors) is crap. I'm proud to be a beer snob. If you are ever in England I recommend trying John Smith's. They don't sell it in the states but I was told that you can find it in Canada. Also, I was recently in Texas where I discovered Shiner Bock. It's kind of the Yeugnling of Texas but if you feel like having an inexpensive no frills beer you can do worse. Personally I prefer almost any IPA but my favorite beer is the next one I'm about to drink.

Ben said...

Actually, Rob, the Yeungling of Texas is Lone Star. Texans are feverishly loyal to it. It isn't great beer, but it kicks the crap out of coors. Shit, at least it is the proper color.

marie b. said...

My boyfriend is a complete beer snob -- we have a beer cellar instead of a wine cellar -- and his top 7 would be:

7) Newcastle Brown Ale
6) Samuel Smith's Taddy Porter
5) Trappistes Rochefort 8
4) Unibroue La Fin Du Monde
3) St. Arnold Amber
2) Rogue Shakespeare Stout
1) Young's Double Chocolate Stout

Mac said...

I've still got 5 of the beers on your list to sample, but hopefully plenty of drinking time ahead of me to complete the list.

I've listed out my own 7, not an American beer featured I'm afraid !

Dave said...

top 5 beers according to Dave (in no particular order)

Magic Hat #9
Ubu Ale
Dogfishhead 60 minute IPA
Sierra Nevada Porter

Ben said...

I tried a little Canadian number this weekend call, uh, Terrible. Seriously. Reverse psychology advertising worked on me and my buddy--we just had to try it.

Unfortunately, the aftertaste was 'as advertised.' It tasted like rotten fruit that a homeless man pissed on.

Nicole said...

So Ben, this so-called terrible tasting Canadian number......
was it a beer, or said vampire stripper?
Naughty boy!

Ben said...

It was a beer--the name of the beer was (seriously) Terrible. Thankfully, I didn't taste (or actually come into physical contact) with any of the strippers--i imagine they taste a lot worse, and that's a tall order.