Friday, June 23, 2006

And so it ends...

So the U.S. bid for the World Cup is over as quickly as it began. We've got four more years to develop talent and prove we can compete on a global level.

I watched the game through an online chat room while working, and someone said, "300 million Americans and we can't find 11 decent soccer players." How very true. I thought about explaining why, but an economics discussion with a soccer Hooligan didn't seem like it would be very productive.

The truth of the matter is the Cubs just offered Jeff Samardzija, a college student at Notre Dame, 7.5 million dollars to choose baseball over football when he is drafted next year. Athletics is a business in this country, not something we love. The moneymakers are football, baseball, and basketball. We're barely keeping a national Hockey team afloat.

Kids love soccer. Someday, it will command the type of audience that will compel the owners to actually pay the players. When that happens, look out Brazil. We're coming for you.

For now, we'll keep juicing baseball, and football, and basketball. We'll keep fixing games in the name of the almighty dollar--until some starry-eyed kid takes a love of the game,

and sets the world on fire.


Nicole said...

In our house we are cheering for least the US HAD a team in it { NO MAPLE LEAF in sight}
My brother married a German\Canadian girl { she was born on the Canadian base over in Germany}. He actually flew to Germany Wed. morning for 2 weeks to take in a bunch of games { the BASTARD}
I agree about the whole sports/money issue. That was a huge factor over the off season with my beloved Riders { CFL football team}. My favourite player is now gone, and I have yet to witness if our newly acquired , over-hyped {and paid} quarterback is worth it.

Ben said...

The Riders...were they the ones that picked up Ricky Williams, the Whizzinator, or neither?

Who is the new QB?

Nicole said...

No, that would be Toronto Argonauts,{ and CFLers are showing Ricky NO love, TO is getting major flack along with our CFL commisioners.
Our new QB is Kerry Joseph, who hails out of Louisiana. The Ottawa Renegades folded { again} due to the crazy American father\son duo, {google Renegades so you know who I am talking about, as I am having one of the many blond moments that I have and can't remember their names. Lonie something or other is the son}.
My FAVOURITE player was a small but mighty guy by the name of Corey Holmes and our loss is Hamilton TiCats gain. We just voted Corey fan favourite at the end of last season, so everyone is still feeling the loss. He was traded this past spring in a " major" deal. We will see if this deal produces.
I feel I have the right to bitch and moan it up, as we are season ticket holders, actually, I buy the tickets for my husband and 2 kids, and my Mom and 3 Aunts all share the row as well. { You bet your sweet ass,I will be in attendence August 19th as that is our ONLY home game that Hamilton plays here.}
It gives me the house { which is so rare, as you will see as you have more kids, and they start to grow up} all to my little old self 12 times over the season, sometimes I watch the game on our big screen, sometimes I have chick nights where my friends come over and watch PRETTY IN PINKish movies and sometimes we just drink and talk about MEN!!!
It is the BEST $ 1200. a year that I spend on myself...oops, I mean my wonderful family LOL

Nicole said...


Jen said...

Look at the Pirates. They suck. I mean, they're not bad, they're pathetic. I don't mean to disrespect them, but hey they've earned it. I went to a game the other night- sold out. I had tix ahead of time, so I didn't leave dismayed. Now why would the worse baseball team in the ENTIRE UNITED STATES have a sold out game? Well, they entice people with a huge fireworks display and tasty $6 beers.
marketing geniuses at work.

WickedlyMe said...

I agree with the firs comment. At least the US have a team, Canada is no where near having a soccer team in the cup..Ever. Besides, I'm cheering for Italy.

If it doesn't require skates, ice, a broom or anything with snow, violently shoving men up against the boards, throwing our sticks down and "shirting" (not sure if my fellow canucks call it that) another player...we just can't do it or just suck at it.

granted there are the few exceptions to it.

Lady D said...

I know this subject is on soccer but the title was very fitting after I read this awful news. Aaron Spelling is dead at 83. What the hell is tv going to do now that he is gone. What ever he created became gold. Sad day for Fox network. Did anyone have him in the dead pool?

Tillerman said...

I fear that kids sports are too well organized in the US for world class soccer stars to emerge here. Go to a soccer mad nation - say Argentina - and see little kids and teenagers and young men kicking soccer balls around every patch of spare ground every spare minute of the day. It doesn't happen here - junior soccer in the US has to be organized with coaches and a proper fields and insurance and waiver forms and medical inspections.

Nicole said...

Came across a book yesterday. It is called Rider Pride on the American Side, by Terry McEvoy. I guess it is an American family's view of the CFL and about all the adventures they have enjoyed attending games here is Sask over the years.
I think the family is based out of Minnesota.
Thought it might peak your interest, being a football lover and all.