Monday, June 26, 2006

Sure is Monday...

There's a country song called Sure is Monday by Mark Chesnutt that sums up my weekend and how I feel today. Here's the quick list of what went down:

  • Drove to Rochester, NY to celebrate a friend's birthday (Ray)

  • Ate at Country Sweet Chicken & Ribs

  • Drank most of a bottle of burbon with pals

  • Went to terrible strip club

  • Slept past noon

  • Went to state park to go swimming in natural body of water an hour away from Rochester

  • Saw one of the strippers from the night before there with her kids (didn't think they left their coffins during the day...)

  • BBQ'd with Ray's mom

  • Drank more burbon

  • Went to Karaoke; sang horribly

  • Drank Jack and Pepsi all night...singing seemed to improve

  • Ate a garbage plate, a drunken rochester signature meal

  • Slept

  • Went to Ray's mom's for one of the best goddamn breakfasts of my life

  • Took a 'Garbage Plate Dump,' (a signature move of anyone consuming one), but not at Nick's. Expose as little skin as possible in Nick Tahou's, and certainly not your genitalia.

  • Drove back to Boston

  • Got stuck in traffic

  • Discovered the gas cover no longer opens

  • Figured a way in there through the trunk

  • Arrived home at 11:30 PM

"I had a ball Friday, Saturday, and SUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, but it's all over now and it SURE IS MONDAY."

-Mark Chesnutt


Nicole said...

I have a CD by Butch Walker and there is a song on there called
# 1 Summer Jam. check it out.
There's a line in it that goes something like this:
i like to think i'm a pretty slick guy but something in the sunlight between your thighs turned me into mush with a certified crush on you and oh what a fool I must be so far away from my world, so won't you come back Sunday, everyday's a monday.

I love that song on Mondays.
# 1, it ain't country
# 2 It's catchy and you have to really read his lyrics to understand him.
# 3 as an added bonus, he's kind of hot
Ps. My FAVOURITE songs on this CD are called Lights Out and Race cars and goth rock

Anonymous said...

'Took a garbage plate dump.'

That's poetry, man.

Ben said...

Yeah, the dump looked sorta like the picture of the plate I just put up there. Except it burned more coming out than it did going in. The 'in' was the good kind of burn.

The 'out,' not so much...

Dave said...

my friend's older brother ate 3 plates in one night...

Red said...

I also went to Rochester and back to Boston (with a detour to Canada) over the weekend. Were we in the same car, by chance?

beajerry said...

Sweet Zombie Jesus, I can't believe you ate that!

Nicole said...

Hey left you a propostion over at catwoman.......
a business one though.
Still mulling over the whipped cream\strawberries one, will keep you posted

Gigi said...

The garbage plate looks sooo yummy. I can't believe it is on wikepedia. How funny...

Ben said...

Gigi, it's the most ridiculously wonderful drunk food ever invented. It comes with a mighty price, though.

Sara said...

have you ever heard Bubbles Liquor and Whores song?

Kristi said...

Oooh. A garbage plate. That brings back memories. I only had one, once, but I never forgot it.

Nicole said...

Ok, I know I let Canada's Friday night ritual out of the bag, but now you have to go and tell him about the Friday Night National Anthem!!!!?????
Ben, renew passport, as George must clear you for take off.....

Ben said...

Um, does this mean both nic and sara are going to have their way with me once George clears me? Hooray for Canada!

Nicole said...

Did you know that July 1st is Canada Day?
Is that a maple leaf in your pants or are ya just happy to hear from me???

Ben said...

Nic, I believe it's a Maple 'Tree.'

Nicole said...

So, THAT'S where maple syrup comes from...........

A Intriging

Sara said...


haven't you seen Trailer Park Boyz yet??

It is the best!!! Right up your Maple Tree~!