Monday, June 26, 2006

Good News, Everyone! Futurama to deliver more parcels!

I have no idea how this slipped under my radar, but Futurama is BACK! Comedy Central has picked up the show and will air 13 episodes in 2008. Hooray! More Zoidberg!


Robert said...

I can't believe no one has commented on Futurama! Here goes:

Fry: What?! I can't swallow that!
Prof. Farnsworth: Good news everyone! It's a sepository!

Bender: It was horrible! A nightmare!
Fry: What happened?
Bender: I dreamt I was in a place of 0's and 1's and all of a sudden... I saw a two *whimper*
Fry: It's ok Bender, don't worry. There's no such thing as 2's.

Fry: 'Uh Bender, where is your bathroom?'
Bender: 'Bath what?'
Fry: 'Bathroom'
Bender: 'What room?'
Fry: 'Bathroom!'
Bender: 'What what?'

Eight Hour Lunch said...

AWESOME! If it weren't for Futurama, my six-year-old daughter never would have dreamed of saying, "Bite my shiny metal ass!"

Thank you Matt Groening. Thank you. ;)

Sara said...

I knew it already so nanananana

A Concerned Fan said...

It's definitely a show that I've learned to appreciate, but is it really worth another run?

Ben said...

If you've learned to appreciate it, then maybe you haven't missed it.

I felt this show should have never been cancelled in the first place, but Fox has a habit of creating home runs, then systematically destroying them through poor promotion and shitty time slots (see: Arrested Development, Family Guy, Freaks & Geeks).

Comedy central will be a great home for Futurama. Not only do they promote the shit out of everything, but they know to keep their mitts off. They thought a bit Chappelle did was going to bomb and it killed. After that, they told him to do whatever he wanted.

BlessedHope said...

Woohoo!! Oops, wrong Groening show. LOL.

Jane said...

That is a beautiful, beautiful thing.