Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Conferences and the Gilmore Girls

They really don't have anything in common. It just seemed like an easy way to bring up a subject and the reason I've been out in five easy words.

My first conference has been fun. I've learned a lot, but I wish it were farther from my house. I can go to Boston anytime. Why can't we do conferences in Costa Rica or Hawaii?

So upon the request of several readers, I decided to give the Girls of Gilmore another try tonight. This time, I at least made it through the opening credits (I'm pretty sure that's where I ejected last time). That's right, for EIGHT PAINFUL MINUTES, I endured this piece of garbage. There is nothing, I mean nothing redeemable about this program. Here's a quick list of things I noticed:

  • The acting is terrible.
  • The writing, somehow, is worse.
  • The plot is...uhh...I don't think I've logged enough minutes to determine any sort of plot. It seems like the plot of what I got tonight was build a house, let construction workers see you naked, and buy them donuts. Do all this while acting poorly with stupid lines.
Thank you, to those who encouraged me to give it a second viewing. Thanks to your encouragement, and because I exposed myself to such dreck, I feel a little stupider. I'm actually dumber for watching that show for eight minutes. It's a couple IQ points and eight minutes of my life that I can't ever get back. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

I'm going to end this by hitting below the belt. Since I've actually managed to absorb two full episodes of Kyle XY, I'm going to go ahead and say it's a better show. That's like Zinedine Zidane calling you unsportsmanlike, Terrell Owens saying you're not a 'team player,' or Bret Myers calling you a jerkoff.


Saffyre said...

I never saw that show. Odd the kind of things you will subject yourself too when you are away from home on a work 'thing'

Dave said...

I think you should give gilmour girls one more try... but only because you beat me up a lot as a kid, and ive developed sadistic tendencies toward you.

Rebecca said...

I must concede that most of the acting is somewhat less than stellar. And by 'somewhat' I mean 'so completely that it's actually hard to get any lower.' But I still love it. I just do.

Jason Doan said...

I feel your pain Ben. Gilmore Girls is my wife's favourite show and thanks to the joys of syndication it's on every day of the damn week....grrrr.

Nicole said...

As a woman, I can see the premise of the show. Yes, the acting is bad, the dialogue dicey, but if you had watched from the beginning, I guess you want to actually see if the character can commit, or if she is too F*cked up by her parents to do so.
Women can relate to wanting to rebel from parents ideals of what their little girl should be and ho she should act.
I can anyway....

Miss Scarlet said...

Haha, I love it:)