Monday, July 17, 2006


It bothers me how stupid, inconsiderate, and downright ignorant people can be sometimes. These excerpts are from the "Some people just don't f'ing get it" file. You can read the whole story here, courtesy of the Toronto Star.

A 97-year-old woman is recovering in a Burlington hospital after she was left alone in a sweltering vehicle for almost an hour during the worst heat wave of summer while her family went shopping.

A passerby called 911 Saturday afternoon at about 4 p.m. after noticing Arnott alone in the back seat of an SUV for more than 30 minutes in the Wal-Mart parking lot on Dundas St. at Appleby Line.

Her daughter, Bonnie Bouclair, 60, and [granddaughter] Kimberly Bouclair have been charged with failing to provide the necessities of life. They aren't allowed to contact Arnott, who they've taken care of for 16 years.

"She'll die if we can't bring her home," Bonnie Bouclair said, angered that other shoppers "didn't mind their business."

"It's not like we left her in the car to die."

Outside in the steamy parking lot, a passerby noticed Arnott in distress. The senior is mobile enough to get out of a car by herself, but Bonnie Bouclair said she locked the doors because she didn't want her mother, whose eyesight is poor, to fall.

Lawmakers need to create a caregiver's license. It should be issued to people who wish to become parents, babysitters, adult and longterm care givers. You should have to take a test, and renew every year. Even a six-year-old of slightly below average intelligence knows you can't just park grandma in the car with the windows cracked on the hottest day of the year.


Nicole said...

This is disgusting and I know how hot it gets there, I think yesterday it was +38 before humidity, which puts the heat up to in the 40's.
Amen to the license idea.....after working with kids for 16 years, I can totally agree with you, and that goes for caregivers AND parents.
While we are at it, add pets in there as well, idiots should not be allowed to have defenseless animals.

If you want to really cringe, read Sara's blog about a handicapped woman who performed sex acts on her 6 year old son, because she needed to please her online master, to keep her "self esteem" up.
Add this to the list as well, I am sickened for this little boy.

erica said...

That's ridiculous. Though I must say, it didn't surprise me that they were in a Walmart.

I agree with you on the caregiver's license idea, because sometimes people with the best intentions need to be told that they can/should not be taking care of their elderly relatives. Especially, ESPECIALLY (I can't stress this enough) relatives with Alzheimer's. My mom took care of my grandmother for seven years, and worked full time, because she felt too guilty about putting her own mother in a nursing home. It was a noble effort, and I think it took years off her own life from all the stress, but it took her seven years to finally come to terms with the idea that grandma was better taken care of in a proper facility.

PS, Tangentally, I love the new look! This is the first time I've seen your website since you've updated it.

Sara said...

we agree again,, IDIOTS

some people just need to grow the fxxck up!

yellowdog granny said...

think they should be locked in the car under same circumstances so they can get an idea of what she went thru..stupid people..
i have a dnr on my medical papers, but told them to be sure and not let the decision be left to my daughterinlaw as she will pull the plug on me if i get a migrane..

Ben said...

Leave them in there for a day. It's different for young people. Old people suffer from distress, dementia, and dehydration in minutes. That's right, the three big D's!