Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Favorite Aromas

I'm past due for another top 10. Please feel free to add to this list and let me know what I'm missing.

Also, I resisted as long as I could, but I had to turn on comment verification this morning. You might recall I said I would keep it off for as long as I could manage manually deleting spam. I'd get one here, one there. Little did I know they were planning a coup. I received about 78 posts this morning from spammers. Bastards.

Without further ado, here's a brief list of smells that make me happy I'm alive:
  • Fresh-cut grass
  • The Earth after a heavy rain
  • The ocean at high tide
  • Lilac
  • Anything on a barbeque
  • My son after his bath (Fountain of Youth, Ray! Fountain of Youth!)
  • Horse Manure
  • Pipe smoke
  • Good coffee
  • Tanning lotion
I guess it's only fair that I also post the banes to my olfactory existence. These puppies destroy the organoleptic qualites of my nose. I cannot even imagine enduring them for more than a few seconds, especially with this device. They are:
  • Vomit
  • Skunk
  • The ocean at low tide
  • Cabbies
  • Garbage trucks
  • My son after his corn and raisin dump
  • Cow manure
  • Cigar smoke
  • Bus station chinese food farts
  • The innerds of anything dead over three days


Sara said...

I like,

smell of my husband
fresh washed laundry
tim hortons coffee
ocean spray
daughters hair after a bath
fresh sheets
turkey at christmas

I hate:

smelly feet
bad breath
horse manure or any other kind of manure
city water

Dave said...

i only have 2 things to add that, off the top of my head, seems relavent.

Added to the list of good smells are:

my own farts... it is horrible, but it is true... and i KNOW many, many, many other people like theirs too, but too ashamed to admit so. insecuritiy jhas never really been a weak spot for me, so i have no trouble saying so

Added to the list of undesireable smells:

anyone else`s farts... specifically, brad hardaway`s. one of the funniest things ive ever seen, was brad, sitting on the couch, next to a cat, and brad farted, and the cat looked up at him. brad said "oh, you want a smell of this?" , and then wafted the smell at the cat. the cat`s ears went strait back, and it darted out of the room full speed. after laughing for about 2 seconds, my actions mimiced the cat`s

n. jax said...

good smells

- the scent of orange left on your hands after you've finished eating one.

- my newborn son after someone else's has been holding him for awhile. He comes back and I can tell that he smells like baby.

Nicole said...

Smells I like:
my perfume
a man's man aftershave
the smell of things growing in my garden, esp when you water it, the dill and pumpkin vines etc
the smell of the salty Pacific Ocean when you drive over the Lions Gate Bridge into North Van
garlic butter shrimp sizzling on my firepit
the nice smell of hickory or cedar chips in our firepit
when I bake a homemade apple cinnamon pie
my favourite candles

Don't like:
fishy smell in certain part of open market in Chinatown in Vancouver
the smell of the Upgrader
the nasty smell of slew water or when algae sits in the sun and doesn't move { I could pass out}
body odor
warm blood smell { nose bleeds make me vomit if someone gets one}
the smell of wild game meat cooking

yellowdog granny said...

wow...cosmic..i thought i was the only one that loved the smell of horse shit...so earthy...you forgot new born babies in general..and the puppy smell...oh man..i love the puppy smell..i love the smell of clean sheets., dusted with my favorite tabu powder...
love to go to a western gear shop and that smell of leather...
my daddy's aftershave...old spice..
and i love quoting frank barone...holy crap

Sara said...

I'll admit a fart or two of my own ain't bad kinda reminds me I'm alive but jeez some of them NO I DO NOT LIKE! PEEEEWWWWWWWW

Ellie said...

I like the smell of
1. just after sex
2. weed
3. Joop cologne
4. chanel 5
5. fresh bananna bread
6. clean baby
7. clean sheets
I hate
fishy smells
popcorn smell when pregnant
porta potty smell