Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Irresponsible Advertising

McDonalds, once again, has pissed me off. Have you seen their latest ad?

A little girl, about 8 or so, expressing herself with some strange clothing. Her mom speaking in the background, saying she lets it go because "it isn't what goes on the tummy, it's what goes in the tummy that's important."

GET FUCKED, FOUR-EYES! The ad goes on to show her daughter eating "all-white meat" chicken, and other things that are "good for you" at MCDONALDS. No wonder we're the fattest goddamn nation on the planet. It's ads like these that make me wish the fatties who sued McDonalds had won their suit. Why don't cigarette companies market the benefits of smoking?

Something needs to change in America. I'm not sure how to go about doing it, either.

I'd like to invite you to post your own most hated commercials. I'll be very disappointed if no one mentions, and goes into great detail, the Lamisil ads. Maybe later this week I'll dream up a list of the good ol' days when advertisements were still creative and thoughtful.


Anonymous said...

Get fucked! Classic. But you know, commericals alone are the reason I avoid broadcast TV.

I think one of the most hated commercials I've seen is for 'Video Professor.' The dude is trying to pawn off 'computer lessons' for old as shit like Windows 98.

I hate that at the end, the son of a bitch just says: "Try my product."

Nah. Sorry, shit bird. I ain't trying anything.

D said...

Digger the Dermatophyte is exceedingly disgusting (I believe the ad may indeed be for lamisil), and b/c it's a Big Pharma ad, it's inevitably on during the evening news. I.e. when I'm trying to eat dinner before heading out for evening obligations. Seriously disturbing, and gross.

rockyjay said...

What comes to obesity, I think McDonalds have cleaned their act a little bit. I do agree their advertising makes them look like a health food.

Whereas, Burger King advertises a burger with a pound of meat, bacon and three slices of cheese. Must be at least 1500 calories...

... well, at least they're honest in their advertising.

yellowdog granny said...

arghghgh! every time i see those 3 dancing diarhea, constipation, upset stomach bouncing around i want to hunt down the bastids that came up with that commercial. Cause If I find them sunsabiches they won't have to wait for pepto bismo to work, cause I will kick the shit out of them...and that toe fungus commerical makes me nuts...and i reallllllly hate that one where the fairy is zapping buildings, trains etc. and then cant zap the car? and when the tough guy laughs at her she turns him into a flaming gay guy? ohhh, homosexuals unite..don't buy that car..ok, lets see what else I can bitch about..this was fun....

thanks for stopping by my blog and your comments on american pie..i checked out that website, and loved the letter from don mclean...what the's just a great song no matter what it means..

Lilize said...

non taken :)

as i said before i had a good time reading your blog, i was just a bit overwhelmed and - yes, a bit annoyed - with the fact that you "invited" me in and i come here to read you calling the "jumpers" stupid. (having read before something about it on your "100 things" list didn't help haha)

yeah i'm in it for the amusement of jumping with 500 million other people.. if you op to think about it, it would be illogical to be true anyway.

and also, yeah, i know there are better ways to save the planet and i'm also working on it :) hope you're too.

maybe we can exchange some less controversial visits to each other's blog ;)

(and i've been gaining courage to do that 100-list for a while, maybe i'll do it soon..)

marsha said...

I've been eating a lot of fast food because we moved from new mexico to Arizona. Eating McDonalds more than twice in one week is definitely bad for the tummy. Bring on the fresh vegetables.

Mac said...

Trying to be a smart arse and linking your last two posts, here is some Irish/British humour:

If all the fat children in the world jumped up and down at the same time......(pause)...... they might lose some f***ing weight.

Sara said...

nice rant, now that one impressed ME

A Concerned Fan said...

I hate the theme song from Wendy's commercials. No commercial should ever have whistling. When I hear the whistling I can actually feel Digger the Dermatophyte attacking my toes.

Good times!