Monday, August 21, 2006

Do's and Don't (Bother) Fall Television

Alright folks, here's the list of new shows I'll be tuning into this fall:


I'm watching football, so these shows have competition. I'll make an effort to watch most of the episodes, but they will have to be pretty compelling to stay on my hit list.
  • Heroes, NBC, 9:00PM EST
  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, NBC, 10:00PM EST
Interesting side note, I see conflicting reports on when this will air. The alternate time is Thursdays at 9:00PM EST, which would mean I'd never miss an episode.


As you can see, I'll bounce between Standoff and Friday Night Lights for the first few episodes. I suspect Standoff will emerge the winner here. It may have been a better idea to air FNL in the spring, when people start getting the Super Bowl hangover, but what do I know.

House is on here, as will other non-new shows so you can see why I'm not bothering with competitors in the same time slot.
  • Standoff, FOX, 8:00PM EST.
  • Friday Night Lights, NBC, 8:00PM EST.
  • House, FOX, 9:00PM EST
  • Smith, CBS, 10:00PM EST
  • Bones, FOX, 8:00PM EST
  • 20 Good Years, NBC, 8:00PM EST
  • 30 Rock, NBC, 8:30PM EST
I expect good things from the last two shows, but I'm really into Bones. I suspect it will be something I flip to during the commercials, nothing more.

  • My Name is Earl, NBC, 8:00PM EST
  • The Office, NBC, 8:30PM EST
  • 'Til Death, FOX, 8:00PM EST
  • Shark, CBS, 10:00PM EST
I have no idea what I'll do from 9:00 to 10:00, as it all looks like trash. No, I'm not interested in any reality television. Please don't suggest it.


Not much. I might give Men in Trees a chance because I like Anne Heche (despite her glamore shot in the IMDB link, which is ridiculous). More likely, I'll be at the bar.

That's a lie. I'll probably be out with my son.

This was longer than I planned. I'll address the "Don't (Bothers)" tomorrow.


yellowdog granny said...

i have my favorites and if something good comes up against them..they're f*****, cause i am not missing 24, lost, er, boston legal and prison escape..what's weird is i love the books that the tv show bones came from, but never got into the series..the books are just so much better...although the guy who plays the cop is a hottie..and as far as monday night football..if the cowboys are playing well..i watch the cowboys..ha...i used to watch and record other shows that played against it, but my new vcr/dvd wont do will, i just dont know how to do it..ha...

Jaek said...

If you plan on watching Shark on Thursdays at 10, I suggest watching CSI: on Thursdays at 9 since Shark is a spin-off of CSI:. I suspect there will be some instances where the crime is investigated on CSI: and then Shark must deal with the guilty or accused parties.

Ben said...

Wasn't aware of that, Jaek. I never got into any of the CSIs, so I wonder if that speaks volumes of what this show will do for me. I do like courtroom drama (Law & Order, Judging Amy), so it might be interesting.

Watching CSI beforehand might taint my opinion as a video juror, however. That could make it more compelling, or infuriate me when I think they blew the case.

God, I love James Woods, though.

Anonymous said...

Screw Monday Night Football. Watch Prisonbreak on Monday nights. It's the best TV on right now.

Well, besides The Contender and Rescue Me, but those are on Tuesday night.

Otherwise, TV is mostly caca.

(I do watch 24, but only on DVD)

Ben said...

We like prison break, but I just don't see it going beyond this season. You can only keep a show like this around so long.

This show is really carried by the main character. I'll be interested in what he signs on for next.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly the creator has up through Season 5 mapped out. And I don't know if you caught the first episode of Season 2 last night, but I'm in for the long haul. It was great.

New characters, new set of problems, a major character gets killed off.


Girl In Her Underwear said...

Despite the fact that I'm from the south, I have a television set :)
--yet I still haven't heard of most of these new shows....but I'm a Law and Order addict--much better than CSI in my opinion.

For all your chick readers, you MUST watch The New Adventures of Old Christine on Monday nights. It's hilarious! Julia Louis-Dreyfus (sp?)