Monday, September 25, 2006

Fantastic Weekend

As weekends go, this one was pretty good.

On Saturday, we went apple picking. Thomas had a very good time, despite only napping about 45 minutes all day. I think he would have been satisfied if we just rode around on the tractor the whole time. Also, he likes donuts. Shocking...

On Sunday, I got to watch football all day long, which as most of you realize tops my list of things to do on Sundays. It was enhanced when Deb's older brother showed up with three pizzas.

Men in Trees started weak on Friday, but it finished well. Half way through I wondered if this would be the week that I started hating it, but it rebounded nicely.

I forgot to post thoughts about Studio 60. It was pretty freakin' fantastic. We'll see how the show developed, but the writing and chemistry were good, and I like the cast from back when all of them were on the West Wing. Seriously. Almost every last one of them. Aaron Sorkin likes his peoples, apparently.

For those of you who do not on a regular basis, try to make a point to visit the PostSecret link in my blogroll. It continues to be some of the most powerful artwork I've ever seen. It's always good.


Nicole said...

in overtime, the last play of the game a rookie caught a touchdown in the endzone and won us the Rider yes it was a good weekend my way too....other then my pounding head LOl

glad apple picking was friend sara went with her family Sunday but I guess it was rainy and cold and not too enjoyable

yellowdog granny said...

cowboys had a bye so i watched other teams far im 28-14-2 in bets taking or giving the spread...that's 28 wins...13 losses and 2 push...not too shabby..
i like riding on tractors and donughts too, can i come with you the next time you go pick apples..??
no pizza's for carbs sucks..

Anomie-Atlanta said...

Agree on Post Secret.