Tuesday, September 05, 2006

House Returns

And I for one am looking forward to it. Also, immediately following House is Standoff. I'm expecting good things, but we'll see.

I spent Labor Day weekend decidedly ill. I've got a conference in 10 minutes, so this is going to be short. Then I'm going home, to spend a sick day with my sick child. Hope everyone had a better weekend than me.

In other sad news, the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, has died. He would have been a great "under 60" pick for the dead pool. He'll be sorely missed, but I suppose in his line of work, it was to be expected.


Nicole said...

sorry to hear that your weekend sucked. Hope your little man feels better soon too.
I had an absolutely fantastic weekend....but you don't need to hear all the dirty little details here hehe

Yes, I catch House once in awhile, when not too busy. I don't watch much tv, I tape shows quite a bit and then it gives me something to do when I can't sleep late at night.

Poor Steve, he was a good man that really cared about the planet and our creatures. At least he died doing what he truly loved and in all honesty, that man lived 10 lives over in his short 44 years.
Hopefully, it was over instantly and he didn't suffer much. I thought he was loony, when holding the baby with the croc and to be honest am surprised his wife didn't do him in over that!!!

Anomie-Atlanta said...

I hope the kiddo gets better soon!

Ben said...

Nic, I fully expect to hear all the dirty little details, but you can substitute my name in place of your hubby's. ;-)

I could only hope I'm as lucky when I die, doing what I love: drowning in a drunken puddle of my own vomit while writing a novel. I bet it wins a Nobel, or the Penn-Faulkner.

Nicole said...

I am a little surprised at that very naughty comment McKnight. That is the kind of smutty thing that I would be saying at my place , not here.
If I did switch names...you would just zap the comment right off of here anyway!!!
who knows....maybe you were there in spirit anyway...ever think of that???

Nicole said...

BTW...don't you want to live long enough to accept your award?
you can drown in your vomit when you become frustrated over not being able to top novel # 1...and get a bad case of writer's block with # 2. Plus, over the fact that your muse, is well, .....you know :-D

yellowdog granny said...

hope you are both better soon...homemade chicken soup..really works