Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bones is Back

And it's still great. They wrote out the token black guy, which is a little strange, but I like his replacement. I won't give anything else away now, in the event you wisely Tivo'd it.

My little brother said he never got into Bones. He said it was CSI with a different name. What a donkey! I politely explained that what he said is the same thing as saying The West Wing was the same as Commander-in-Chief.

I also saw a couple of back to back episodes of Scrubs last night. That's seriously one of the best shows ever. There's action, but not the ridiculous (and unrealistic) amount you find in E.R. It's clever and very funny but only during appropriate moments. You get attached to and empathize with the characters.

The only thing I'm not sure I like is the rollercoaster of emotions that I get every time I watch it. Then again, how bad can it be if it causes me to feel...most shows don't.

Also, for any of you who know my brother David, I hope you wished him a happy birthday yesterday. He turned 27.


Girl In Her Underwear said...

Man! Scrubs is one of my FAVORITE shows! I can't believe I missed back to back episodes! Since when did they go to Wednesdays?

Jaek said...

Right now Scrubs is showing old re-runs to pick up steam for the new season in the new time slot...they have been pushed to practically every time slot.

That sucks because Scrubs is, in my opinion, the best sitcom in television history second only to Friends. I have seen every episode to date and own the seasonal dvds. (Both Scrubs and Friends). They are great if you need a break from life, but don't want to invest in a feature length story line.

Zach Braff is a fantastic actor as well. He would be my choice if I ever went gay.

Dramedy Girl said...

I love Bones! It started out kinda slow last year but about mid-way through it really found its pace. I like the addition of Cam, she could throw lots of monkey wrenches in things.

Scrubs is a show I just can't get into. I don't like that type of humor at all.

Ben said...

Jaek, it's a little odd that you enjoy Scrubs and Friends--the humor is so very different.

Uhh, good to know about you and Zach too. I love him in that non-homosexual kind of way too...

Dramady, I highly recommend sitting down with the first season of scrubs before making a verdict. Once you get to know the characters, you can watch episodes out of order and still enjoy it.

Bones is great--there's so much to like about that show it's silly. Mystery, romantic chemistry, forensic science, the struggle for truth--what's true v. what is right--and her discovery, maybe for the first time, of human emotion. it's going to be around for a while.

But hey, what was with the ads last year that had bones staring at the camera, hair blowing, wearing a ton of makeup. She looked like a crack-whore...creepy.

yellowdog granny said...

i cant remember what played on another channel same time as bones now..but that was why i didnt watch it...watched something else i had been hooked on...which is weird as i love the books...actually i was all excited when bones came out because i liked the books so much...but bad time slot for me..hope it will be better this year...scrubbs is funny...

Anonymous said...

Okay, now I'm convinced that our taste in TV is where the 'brother from another mother' thing falls apart.

I've tried Scrubs and I just sat there, stone-faced whilst watching it. I mean, you'd think I'd like the show, but I think it tries too hard. I'm an EMT for cryin' out loud, but alas, I don't see the humor.

And Bones? I haven't watched it, but I guess I had the same line of thinking as your bro. Same crap, different package. I never got into CSI. And West Wing? I'd rather watch a donkey take a dump in my front yard.

So, yeah. We've got nothing in common when it comes to TV.

Anonymous said...

BTW - The best sitcom of all time is Arrested Development.

Yeah, I said it.

Jay said...

Scrubs is one of the best shows on television. My brother, the surgeon, also says that it is one of the most realistic medical shows on television. Kind of scary, actually.