Thursday, September 21, 2006

Still Kickin'

My goal of blogging every day has gone right out the window, as most of you have noticed. Hopefully I can get back on track soon. In the meanwhile, I'll give you the quick list of everything I'm up to...

I missed House this week. I caught a show instead--first time in a long time--too long. I went to see the Drive-By Truckers, a bunch of Georgia boys (and an Alabama girl on the bass), that put on a decent show. The guitarists are both pretty good, but the rest of the band was pretty mediocre. Still, it was good to be back on the scene.

Men in Trees continues to be a pretty good show. Catch it while you can, as I imagine it won't last more than a season on Friday nights.

Bones continues to be outstanding. I thought they were going to be predictable this week, but they threw a curve. This show really has something for everyone. For those who like forensic science, feel free to ignore the subplots. For those who like philosophy, sink your teeth into the fine line they jump back and forth on between the search for truth and the search for Justice. You can also enjoy the weekly moral dilemma that Bones finds herself in.

Tonight, I'll settle in for an evening of Earl and The Office.

This weekend, I'm going apple picking. You read that correctly. My father-in-law has a strange obsession with apple picking. It's sort of his 'thing' every year. He's called us every day this week to make sure we're still going, and determine which day the weather will be best.

We still need a boy's name. My wife and I are to the point where we really don't like to talk about it with each other anymore. I'm a big fan of 'Jonah' and 'Jackson,' just not together. Throw us a bone, would ya?


Anomie-Atlanta said...

I like Bobby Cecil and Jethro. ;)

yellowdog granny said...

i like men in trees and i was surprised..i dont like chick flicks..
i was so excited to have boston legal back..and i am already hooked on studio 60...soooo i cant wait for greys anatomy and er....sigh*
name for a boy...hmmmmmm....give me a day and i will have a great one..jefferson is good...

calysto911 said...

hey there donkey! it's kristin. you can NOT name your kid Jonah! because you know he will at least once be the butt of a horrible fish related practical joke that could psychologically scar him for life and leave him a broken and empty shell. are you really willing to put that much on the line? jackson is better, by the time he is old enough to feel the horror and shame at carrying the same name as an effeminent (sp?) child molesting whacko he will be old enough to defend himself against would be taunters. actual first grader names at the school where i spend most of my time: Ares (b), Miracle (g), Divinity (g) Ophelia (g - don't tell me that's not askin for it) Ramses (b - i think he might be named after the broken condom that led to his birth)Messiah (b) (i swear on beer that i am not making this up)

so you must be very careful. your kid is stuck with that name for 18 years at least.

love to the whole family unit!

Cate said...

I've been away from your blog and the Inernet in general, so I'll use this post to reintroduce myself. I'm glad to hear life is keeping you busy. Give apple picking a chance--might be fun.

As for boys' names--what about Paul? I think it wouldn't make either brother jealous (why does he get the cool name?!) but I can't immediately think of humilation associated with the name.

BTW, does your wife have a twin I don't know about? I swear, I saw someone in her spitting image out here. It was so convincing I almost called you.

Catch up with you later!

Nicole said...

I think you may fare better asking your readers what NOT to name your child....

apple picking actually sounds like fun. Just don't throw away all the bad apples...bad can be good too :)

a town about 20 minutes away is having a Scarecrow Festival closer to our Thanksgiving ( Oct. 8th}
I think me and my daughter will go check that out, I think that in Fall, it would be right up there with apple picking.

Anonymous said...

What is your other son's name?

Ben said...

My boy's name is Thomas.

TMLSB said...

first, you're out of your mind if you think earl sucked. That was good tv.

second, we're hoping for a little aiden patrick or adam patrick. jackson's good but avoid aliteration if you can..

How's stonewall jackson or reggie jackson or jackson browne or even michael-tito-jermaine-janet-latoya jackson.

Don't say I'm not here to help.

Ben said...

As for Earl, meh. The story line was much weaker than usual.

"Never took Joy's side on anything" is kind of a crappy thing to fix anyway, and in the end, he didn't really atone. I can hardly see how it gets crossed off. If he approaches it from the same stance as littering, he still has a lot of garbage to pick up.

The plot was just part of the problem. Randy was the only one who got any out loud laughs from me. The lollipop kids and the monkey grab were both priceless, but that allotted for all of 30 seconds combined.

Glad you enjoyed it, but I'm hoping to be more entertained next week.