Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scrappy Doo

Not the famous cartoon character...Scrappy Doo sums up how I've felt the last few weeks. I usually don't get sick, but the last two or three weeks have been the exception.

Anyway, I've noticed my blog isn't nearly as funny as it used to be. I blame my health, but I at least wanted everyone to know I'll work on getting my sense of humor back. This post is going to be mix and match. First, as promised, more NFL predictions. If you don't care about those, skip to the next section.

Before I reveal my NFC and AFC North picks, it should put in a disclaimer that I'm a huge Chicago Bears Homer. I've picked them to win a LOT of games. That said, before you call me a retard, take a look at their schedule. It's pretty weak.

NFC North:

Chicago: 14-2-0
Minnesota: 8-8-0
Detroit: 7-9-0
Green Bay: 5-11

Green Bay has a very bad team. When I finished tallying up the wins, they had more than I thought they would. The future looks bleak for the cheese heads. Good news for Detroit though--this next crappy season might finally be the end of Matt Millen, arguably the worst football GM of all time. After he's out, they've got a chance to rebuild. Their foundation isn't terrible.

AFC North:

Pittsburgh: 12-4-0
Cincinnati: 11-5-0
Baltimore: 8-8
Cleveland: 0-16-0

There you have it. The first winless team since Tampa Bay. I don't think they have the worst team in the NFL, but they certainly have the worst team with the hardest schedule. Expect a big turnaround for them next year. They've got a good coach. The AFC North might be the toughest division in football.

Brad Pitt recently declared that he would not marry Angelina Jolie until gays could marry legally. Like Trey Parker and Matt Stone need more ideas for episodes of South Park....

Seriously, does this idiot really think the government, much less the general public, gives a rat's ass about his hold out? I think that she started talking marriage, and he cleverly spun it around on her.
    A: "Brad, honey, why don't we get married? You said you want to be with me forever..."

    B: [shit...shit...shit...think, Brad, think!]

    A: "We could continue to promote our beliefs to the world under a unified symbol of love."

    B: "Uhhh, yeah, but honey, how fair is that to gay people who can't marry? That's something we strongly believe in! I think we should not get married until there are equal rights for all!" [God Damn, Brad, you genius. Sometimes you even amaze yourself.]

    A: "Honey, that's a great idea! They'd HAVE to let gays marry if you and I refuse to!"

    B: "Sure they would, honey. Sure they would. Let's have sex."


House continues to disappoint. The highlight of the episode was Chase cracking a momma joke on Foreman. The good news is it looks like it's preparing to turn a corner. House is regaining the God-complex that made the show interesting to begin with.

Standoff was pretty good this week. I'm still getting in to it, and I wonder if I'll get tired of it. Right now, it's definitely watchable.

Men in Trees was surprisingly watchable. The lead guy is likeable, and I'm Heche fan. The plot is a little fluff, a little cliche, but it's decent. Unfortunately, next week it will be on at it's regular time on Fridays. So much for that show.


Girl In Her Underwear said...

*clapping and cheers!*
Excellent and hilarious dialogue between A & B. I 100% believe it to be true!

yellowdog granny said...

im hanging my head in embarrasment...i havent watched house or standup or standdown or what ever the fuck that show is..(no chemestry between the two'lovers'...ick and i love the guy in most everything livingston or what ever the fuck his name you can see im not good with's the series of mini strokes i had over the summer waiting for football i could have the big one)
annnnny how...i got hooked on big brothers.i never watch that show..but got hooked on the absolute evil that poured from mike and will when they fucked their team mates over...they ruled..and had no sorrow over the women who let them 'screw' them over physically and showmanshiply...ahah... and i got hooked on rock star cause i think diella frittella what ever the fuck her name is..has a great rock and roll voice...but last night was end of big brother (one of the evil ones won..heheheheh)..and tonight is end of rock i will get down with house and standaround...geez..this wasnt a was a short story..sorry..had 3 cups of tea this morning..a little perky...

yellowdog granny said...

i like the bartender on men up the trees whatever...and i hear they are passing legislation to pass a bill so gays and lesbians can marry just so they can be invited to the jolee-pitt marriage...hehe

Nicole said...

I actually have a theory that because Brad knows Angelina will screw his brains out, and then become bored, and DUMP his lame ass; this is HIS way of trying to keep her around...
some girls ALWAYS want who they can't have { sigh} and by not appearing he can or will marry her, keeps her interest peaked.
SSM will now become her latest pet cause...

am sad to hear life hasn't been good Benny...looking forward to the old days of Dreamers....the good\ bad, old days!!!

Anomie-Atlanta said...

I think the dialogue was probably pretty accurate except the roles would be switched. Angelina isn't into marriage, she's just stalling Brad.

erica said...

*poke* :)

Sister Mary Martha said...

whatever..but what are your basketball picks for this season?

Nicole said...

Sister get around!!!

D said...

Hey, if Bono can save the world while wearing desinger sunglasses ALL THE DAMN TIME, why can't Brangelina save the world too?!

Jaek said...

Has anyone asked the Gays and Lesbians how they feel about being represented by Brad and Angelina?

Do they want that kind of association?

Is Brad gay?

I'm just saying.

yellowdog granny said...

hi mrs ben's mom?..can benny come out and play...we need him for a pickup game....he has the only ball...thanks mrs bens' mom...

Anonymous said...

How dare you criticize House! The medical info on that show is spot on. Um...for a third world country with no medical training.