Tuesday, September 12, 2006

AFC East and NFC East predictions

Also known as "worthless information pulled directly from my cat's ass." The numbers might be wrong, but I'd be surprised if the order wasn't right. In the AFC, I think it worked out so my bottom two flip-flopped. Here's what I came up with, spotting me a week's worth of knowledge:

Miami: 11-5-0
New England: 10-6-0
NY Jets: 6-10-0
Buffalo: 5-11-0

On to the NFC East, which I believe is the hardest division to predict this year:

Dallas: 13-3-0
Philadelphia: 12-4-0
NY Giants: 7-9-0
Washington: 6-10-0

So long, Joe Gibbs. You had a good run, but your time has passed. He'll probably be the only coach to drop out of these two divisions, but Parcels might resign. Washington will probably hire a year-long interm coach before making a run at Cower (after he retires, then unretires for 2008).


yellowdog granny said...

nah..parcels wont quit..he might kill jerry jones and get shipped to the pen..but he wont quit...i think dallas will win too but not with those numbers..although i wish....
im still hyperventelating from the cowboys loss...fuck

Ben said...

Dallas has a vastly underrated team, and the Defense this year downright scares me. I think the Cowboys are going to play angry for the next few weeks, and Bledsoe will play inspired. I feel bad for Washington this week--and Brunell, who will likely be abused for Jacksonville's transgression.

TO can win 4 games by himself, if he doesn't revert to the world's biggest asshole.

Dallas may not win 13, but they will win the division. I'll be downright SHOCKED if they don't win 11.

Nicole said...

Green Bay's new kicker is a Regina born and bred boy.
Just thought you'd like to know

( Jon Ryan)