Friday, September 08, 2006

Thank God it's football season...

I was beginning to think I wouldn't make it. I knew I was in trouble this summer when I caught myself watching Arena football and NFL Europe. I think they air the CFL at 3am or something, so I didn't see any games from our Northern Neighbor.

Interesting tidbit--if someone with a crystal ball told me that one quarterback would throw for three touchdowns and the other would have two interceptions, one running back would run for 100 yards and the other would score twice, and one kicker would miss while the other hit, and there would be a single defensive touchdown, I still would have guessed the outcome completely wrong.

I liked Miami last night. I like Culpepper, I think Batch sucks, and if anyone is going to score twice, I thought it would be Verron Hayes. I would have guessed the final was 28-17 Miami, not the other way around.

All in all, it was a great game, especially once it picked up the pace in the 2nd quarter.

  • In Pittsburgh's offense, Charlie Batch is a great backup.
  • If Willie Parker carries the rock 30 times a game this year, he'll get killed around week 12.
  • Chris Chambers drops 70% of everything thrown at him.
  • Culpepper is still hard to take down, but equally easy to confuse.
  • Miami has a very, very good 3rd WR/Kick returner.
  • I don't think Ronnie Brown is as strong as advertised--then again, it was against Pittsburgh.
  • Saban got screwed by an ignored challenge. Serves him right for being sheepish about throwing it.
  • I love listening to Martina McBride sing the National Anthem.


D said...

My personal observation? Freakin' commercial every four seconds. Ridiculous. Didn't they used to actually play a football game?

yellowdog granny said...

you and i must have watched two different games i had picked miami to win...and they stunk up the room...that 3rd down and 2 play sucked big time..who does a toss back for 5 yards on a 2 yard run..jeez..and the stupid coach on that flag call? what a dipshit..he could have tossed that flag and hit that ref in the back and got his attention..they have weights on them..i thought pittsburgh was super and will not bet on miami again the rest of the season unless they give me 21 pts..

Ben said...

I'll give any offense a 'pass' when they play Pittsburgh's D. If they stink up the joint against Buffalo, then there's cause for concern. The AFC East to me still looks like:

New England
New York

New England will make the playoffs, but they'll be one-and-done. Their schedule is too easy to miss them.

I suppose I should make some playoff/superbowl predictions. I'll see if I can whip something up by day's end.

Jen said...

I choose a football post to make my debut return. Maybe it's appropriate since I'm now a Pittsburgher and a converted Steeler fan. This is not by my own choosing; I would be beaten if I did not conform.
I unfortunately did not watch the game, so I can't contribute to the acutal content of the "performance". I did, however, see the pre-game extravaganza. Is it really necessary?